Miller Creek (Missoula, MT)
By Brint Wahlberg, The Wahlberg Team
(Windermere Real Estate)
When I first started in real estate I witnessed the end of the "golden era" for Linda Vista.  A stereotypical 90's built neighborhood on the south-western foothills of Missoula this area features winding cul-de-sacs, large homes with forward facing garages, and homes that featured mostly pastel exterior colors.  This neighborhood as well as it's adjoining neighborhoods, Southpointe and Maloney Ranch couldn't be built fast enough as many of Missoula's Baby Boomer generation had their dream homes custom built for them.  Outside of these sprawling neighborhoods there's also some mixed large-lot homes and ranches as well as some newer subdivisions that feature larger homes on 1 to 5 acre parcels.   In 2010 there were 70 sales in this area, the median sales price came back at $291,750.  The ...
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Missoula Montana Homes For Sale - Miller Creek / Linda Vista Area Real Estate The Miller Creek / Linda Vista area of Missoula is in the southwestern corner of town and is a popular area for homebuyers due to the area schools, number of parks and open space, and the proximity to Brooks Street for easy access to local businesses. The Miller Creek / Linda Vista Neighborhood is bounded on the east by Miller Creek Rd., bounded on the north and the west by the Bitterroot River and U.S. Hwy. 93. From July 1, 2008 - July 1, 2009, there were 53 Sales with an Average Home Price of $347,239 in the Upper Miller Creek and Linda Vista neighborhoods. Search Miller Creek / Linda Vista Active Listings     By
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Missoula Real Estate - Missoula's Miller Creek Neighborhood The Miller Creek Neighborhood is a popular area among homebuyers. Located on the Southwest corner of the city, this neighborhood features good-sized homes on larger lots and rests on Missoula's low-lying hils. The area also still maintains much of its natural beauty with Miller Creek flowing down the hill into the Bitterroot River. Wildlife is still seen wondering through the area - deer, elk, and even an occasional black bear! Miller Creek is near several large open parks, including Marilyn Park that has large animals that spray water and provide a great place for children to cool off in the summertime. Miller Creek is close to one of our favorite golf courses in Missoula, Lind Vista. Median Home prices in the Miller Creek are...
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