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By Darin Henderson, Guiding You Home
(Holland Realty Services)
Good evening everyone.  I wanted to report that our local ice cream dispensary is open for their 2016 season.  For those of you who love Ice Cream and are not familiar with our Dairy-B, I am sincerely sorry because you can’t have any idea what you are missing.  Besides ice cream treats of all kinds they also blend a fresh squeezed citrus and soda drink, the Dairy-B Sangria that is so refreshing. Dairy-B's website states that they opened in 1954, wow 62 years in business.  Ever since I moved to this area from Kansas City 24 years ago the Dairy-B has opened around March 1st and closes at the end of October.  For 4 months of the year we are waiting for it to reopen, well not waiting like we do nothing else exactly but we defiantly are looking forward to it.I did get a quick picture to shar...
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By Darren Copeland, Darren Copeland
(Leader One Financial)
What are the benefits offered by a USDA Home Loan Excelsior Springs MO?The USDA Home Loan program allows financing for eligible areas with no down payment requirement. The program also allows the ability to finance closing costs up to the appraised value of the home, helping reduce out of pocket expenses.  So if you're looking for a house in an area, such as Pleasant Hill, Missouri then you should consider this wonderful option for buying your own home!Here are just a few more benefits to the USDA Home Loan Excelsior Springs MO:WHen you compare the PMI costs to the cost of the USDA loan program, the FHA is 3 times higher! Not to mention, FHA loans require a down payment of at least 3.5%, whereas the USDA is 100% financed!You'll also have the option for the Home Repair Financing Option,...
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