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Lompico, California Community Information and Market ReportReal Estate in Lompico, CaliforniaLompico is a census-designated city in the northern part of Santa Cruz County, California. The neighborhood is in a forested hillside near the Loch Lomond recreation area north of Felton. The community features beautiful single family homes that are the perfect nature retreat for families looking to live in the Californian countryside. These residences have fantastic overlooking views of the region. Properties in Lompico are primarily two-bedroom country homes that feature spacious home lots, comfortable living room spaces, a fireplace, full kitchen, and custom designs. Families looking for a house close to nature detached from the noise and pollution of most metropolitan areas will love the Lom...
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By M.C. Dwyer, MC Dwyer-Santa Cruz Mountains Property Specialist
(Melody Russell Team at eXp Realty of California, Inc.)
Today's Santa Cruz Sentinel reported that, to supplement the existing populations of bass and bluegill, about 1,000 pounds of trout will be planted in the Loch Lomond reservoir on two separate occasions this spring.     The Department of Fish and Game hasn't planted trout here in several years.      The new trout are an enticement to  fishermen to return to the lake this summer and in the future. Loch Lomond, located at the end of West Drive above and just beyond the Lompico area of Felton, is a gorgeous and quiet get-a-way.    Because the lake is part of Santa Cruz' City water supply, outside boats and sports craft are not allowed on the lake - this is intended to reduce the introduction of invasive species that can clog water pipes.   The unintended result is a peaceful, natural feeli...
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