Review for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Three years old and still the BEST phone (by kathleenluiten)
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My 5 star favorite – Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – is now over three years old. It still out performs most of the newer offerings in every way that matters to me. I know someday, maybe someday soon, I will need to replace my aging phone. I’ve considered replacing it before it fails to avoid downtime and the need to make a quick purchase. But after months of watching the reviews nothing looks substantially better to me. Certainly nothing seems worth the $650+ expenditure while my Note 3 continues to perform almost flawlessly. As 2016 comes to a close I am looking at the new crop of smartphones, knowing when my phone fails I’ll need to act quickly. I much prefer the Android OS over iOS, so my next phone won’t be an Apple product. But I am giving the latest Google phone strong consideration. So far my top two choices are the Samsung Galaxy S7 (or the S7 Edge) and Google Pixel XL.
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