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not as good as it was 6 years ago (by robertmay)
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Activerain was amazing 6 or 7 years ago. It was the best place to interact with fellow industry members, the blogs were awesome, the interface was good, the site was very busy at all times, and the SEO value of the content was amazing. Yes there were a few staff members who were egomaniacs and powertripping moderators, which lead to many amazing members leaving or getting banned for pointing this out. Then the website sold and went down hill terribly. The SEO value completely disappeared. The most entertaining members all started to drift away. The bad and arrogant staff stuck around and continued to treat members like crap, the last of the good staff seemingly disappeared. Member activity started to dwindle. Then it sold again. Still keeping the worst and most unpopular of the staff, many more members again went inactive or went to platforms where they werent bullied by staff. The SEO value of the website continues to be crap. Those of us who remain here do so because of the 6 or 7 years of content we have created, OUR CONTENT, and the friendships we have with other members. The list of "Ambassadors" contains half inactive members, a few spammers, and a couple plagiarizers. Clicking the report button does nothing, nobody actually ever replies. It appears that the website is virtually ignored by its owners, there is no recruitment of new members, and the worst staff still remains here driving away more members one at a time. Too bad, Activerain was once a multimillion dollar website. Now its worth a fraction of that. I wonder if they will save it before the rest of us eventually get sick of the staff and the poor seo?
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