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Product Reviews for SlideTalk

SlideTalk Overview

2.67/5 3
Average Rating: 2.67/5 (3 votes cast)
Company: SlideTalk™ Powered by Acapela
Contact Name: Paolo de Leva
Category: Technology Products
Subcategory Online Video
SlideTalk:Use an online tool to create videos using a computer voice to turn your Powerpoint marketing materials into videos.
It is called SlideTalk and you can find it online at If you already created your powerpoint you can share it as a video in minutes.
How to use SlideTalk For Free:

Don’t Pay and know you can only make 6 videos.Each one can only have 12 slides.You will not be able to download them.They will be in a public gallery you have no control over.
How to use SlideTalk and pay as you go:
Public: $2.50
Private: $5.00
How to use SlideTalk as a payed subscriber:
If you pay $7/month or $49/year you get 30 slide videos that are public.
If you pay $49/month or $390/year you get 100 slide videos that are private.

How to manipulate your video:
Change voices speed of talking and pitch.
Adjust words that are incorrectly pronounced.
Add pausing and silences.

Little Facts I noticed:
Their public gallery has less than 1800 videos.
They offer a template that makes it work nicely on the Iphone (I guess it is not responsive and this is their work-around).
There is a difference between PUBLISH and PRODUCE on their site: it seems publish means you make it public and produce means you can download your video.
Cute but I will not buy this. There must be something else that will not limit me to only 100 slides.

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SlideTalk Reviews

Andover, MA
Real Estate Agent
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(by tonymarriott)
Scottsdale, AZ
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East Greenwich, RI
Real Estate Agent
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SlideTalk: Use an online tool to create videos using a computer voice to turn your Powerpoint mark... more
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