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EcoBroker and NAR Green (by jangreen)
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As a Certified EcoBroker since 2008, I can say that hands down the education is worth it's weight in Green! EcoBroker was created in 2002 and NAR Green came out in 2009, after I already earned my designation. I'm on the fence about having 2 green designations, but may end up taking the course if it is offered in Arizona. I'm in talks with the Arizona School of Real Estate about hosting a NAR Green course. Being an EcoBroker (the other Green Designation as opposed to NAR Green) adds an extra set of tools to my toolbox and provides value added service for my clients. Clients appreciate the fact that I can explain the features and benefits of their green and energy efficient features. They like the fact that I can refer a list of resources for adding features to their home. And I understand the steps necessary to help reduce their energy bills, saving them money and helping them to make wise choices. Let's face it, future homes will become even more energy efficient as new techniques and building products are created. So this market is expanding and we as agents should embrace that change by adding this designation to the list of initials behind our name. I can walk clients through the process of selling/buying a home with a solar leased system for example. Marketing these features and explaining their value to potential buyers and sellers helps to bring value to the items they've spent money to add to their homes. I also explain how to gain more value for homes with green and energy efficient features; when to use the Green & Energy Efficient Addendum as an attachment to an appraisal; how to interview the appraiser before they see the home to make sure they are Green Certified or understand how to appraise homes with green features. And using my skills, I've greened the Arizona Regional MLS twice now (2009 and 2013) and volunteer with the US Green Building Council since 2009 to raise the bar for our homes in Arizona. It's immensely rewarding to be involved on a grass roots level! Currently, I'm working on two events here in Phoenix. The first event is a panel discussion (12/2) with our local utility, APS, as a moderator. The panel includes Sandy Adomatis, Adomatis Appraisal Service & Vice Chair for Education at the Appraisal Institute, Punta Gorda, Florida; Chris Wass, Fireflying Living; and Matthew Thorne, Noval Home Loans. Together they will list the steps necessary of how "Capture the Value of Green - Step by Step." My second event is a two day course for appraisers (12/3-4) with Sandy Adomatis as the instructor. This two day course will "Green Certify" appraisers. There are currently 4 appraisers who are Green Certified in all of Arizona. I'm working to fill 75 seats and make a huge change in our appraisal environment in Arizona!
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