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In this series of videos below, you'll learn about the 7 rules to follow when negotiating your next home purchase. These are: Never Put Your Best Offer First Develop a good relationship with the cooperating agent Know when to walk away Gauge what the seller wants Have a working knowledge of your ...
4 Common Pitfalls To Purchasing a Foreclosure Home for Sale Due to the mortgage crisis that our country faced over the last several years, there are continually more and more foreclosure properties that are being put up for sale everywhere you turn. Of course, this can be very tempting for homebu...
  Modesto, CA: Upgrade your Real Estate Career Plans Are you frusted by high Broker fees, Franchise fees and all other sort of fees you have to pay when your check comes after closing. At Western Singh Homes, we think that agents deserve all the commission they worked on for. Broker shall only ge...
One of the most important aspects to buying a home is to ensure that you purchase for a fair price. Since there are certain key steps that you must follow in order to make a sound decision, it pays to have a knowledgeable Realtor on your side who will be able to help obtain the best and most real...
Did you know that according to Realtor.com, only about .8% of Realtors are actually using video marketing for their business? Plus, when considering that almost 90% of people are now using the internet for real estate based searches, wouldn’t it only make sense that your listing agent should incl...
In this video, we will explore some things to consider when you're getting ready to save for your next home purchase.
It’s about that time again! The crisp/cool air, countless beautiful shades of colors, and plenty of enjoyable evenings around the bonfire await us. Yet, amidst all these great things, there are certain preparations that you need to be aware of when getting ready for the fall season as well. As a ...
We have seen lot of homes went from foreclosure stage to short sale since end of 2009. Their has been surge of short sale properties in market, where 65% of all properties are for short sale specifically in Central Valley, CA. Are these propeties are making better the market or worse?   If we can...


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