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Bigger is better, right? Maybe when it comes to our paychecks, our homes, or a Las Vegas jackpot, but what about when it comes to our goals? Many of today's well-known motivational speakers will exuberantly challenge us to "Dream BIGGER"..."Risk MORE"..."Visualize GREATNESS," but once the stage g...
Do you ever find yourself at the head of that same oblong table in front of the same 10, 20 or more pair of glazed-over eyes, listening to yourself drone on about sales stats and production levels, asking if anyone has a topic that they'd like to discuss, knowing no one is likely to even hiccup? ...
For some people, the phrase, "fall from grace" may invoke images of serpents, apples and fig leaves. What I am referring to, however, sweeps across the consciousness of every human being, regardless of spiritual and religious inclinations. It is a state of mind that can haunt our dreams, stall ou...

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