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I was shocked (figuratively of course) when I open the panel at a home inspection in Virginia Beach when I saw what someone had done. I just hope they know how lucky that they weren’t SHOCKED or ELECTROCUTED when they decided to drive nails and screws into the backside of this panel. This was def...
The roof at this Virginia Beach home inspection had recently been replaced. As I walked back an forth I kept observing what you see in the pictures. Bright shiny nail heads were in many locations. Each of these exposed nails is a future leak waiting to happen. The nails have created a hole and wi...
Safe House Property Inspections offers another solution when it comes to paying for their home inspection. Visit the following link to see if this is something that may benefit your clients. Pay for Hampton Roads home inspection at closing
The attic insulation was found to be lacking in a number of areas at this Norfolk home inspection. This was new construction so it was odd that there would be bare areas in multiple locations. Looking at the install certificate I could see that 10” of insulation was initially installed. So if th...
A soffit and ridge vent system is a great way to ventilate an attic. The air enters through the attic and exits at the ridge vent. The difference in pressure from the outside and inside helps to keep the air flow moving. At this Virginia Beach home inspection there were ridge vents installed whi...
Something that I see quite often is dryers being vented in close proximity to the outside air conditioning condenser. The dryer vent at this Chesapeake home inspection was located just to the right of the condenser. You can see in the second picture that the fins are clogged with dryer lint. Thi...
Did you know that if a manufacturer designs a dangerous product they MUST recall all those items and FIX THEM FOR FREE! Part of my Virginia Beach home inspection process is collecting model information about the appliances in your house. Safe House Property Inspections sends this infomation to Re...
This was on a roof during a Chesapeake home inspection. There was a point where two different roof planes converged at a point not visible from the ground. There was an adequate slope at this point to allow rainwater to drain from this valley point. Unfortunately due to the amount of debris in th...
As with almost anything else in there are multiple ways to do and describe what you have done. There is full service and do it yourself service and somewhere in between. So when I looked at the listing for a recent home inspection and saw that the crawlspace was “encapsulated” I knew the claim wa...
   Sometimes those moisture stains on the ceiling are not indicators of a roof leak. When the cold low pressure line for the AC is running through a hot attic and the insulation on the line is missing or damaged you get condensation. This condensation will drip to the insulation below saturating ...

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