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Okay, you may be tired of hearing about St. Kitts so I will share my day trip to Nevis, St. Kitts' sister island as pointed out by Gail Robinson of Fairfield CT., who remembered her encounter with the monkeys on Nevis. To get to Nevis it was as short ferry ride. Similar to going to St. John from...
  Before I left St. Thomas, in the Virgin Islands  headed for St. kitts, I was told I would see monkeys everywere.  As I left the airport I caught my first glimpse of a monkey. I immediately noticed it strongly resembled an African monkey I had as a pet as a child in Nigeria, West Africa. The mo...
While vacationing in St. Kitts, from St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, I encountered a number of impressive historical sites. I took the pictures above; The brief history below is obtained from the brochure distributed by the Brimstone National Park: The first cannons were mounted on Brimstone H...
    I am on a rare vacation for St. Thomas, in the Virgin Islands. Yes, we do actually leave island occasionally for fun.  Given my choices (our children live in New York and Chicago, not going either place in cold weather if I can help it) and my propensity for warm weather and beaches; St. Kit...
                      My Shiba Inu with orchids I grew on our partial constructed deck in St. Thomas, Virgin islands       I live in paradise, but every once in a while I get the urge to travel out side St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands. I have a dog, a Shiba Inu, named Foxie. She was a wedding g...
Whether you live in the Virgin Islands or a snow covered hamlet, it is that time of year when everyone is thinking of gifts for loved ones for the holidays, Christmas or Hanuka. An excellent opportunity to find, not the socks and ties so many will get but, unique and thoughtful gifts. Arts Alive ...
    Whether you are a full time resident of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands or just here on vacation. Some people don't feel like cooking on the holiday, It is nice to take a break and to use that time to fully enjoy the family.   One of my choices for dining out for holidays is the The Ritz Carlton....
      This is a modern home, perched on Wintberg Peak, in Estate Wintberg, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands; completely renovated and air conditioned. A four bedroom, four bathroom home on the North side of the Island, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. This Wintberg home has a horseshoe driveway and cou...
      A little inspiration for the day:   "Before you act, listen. Before you react, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try."   Ernest Hemingway 
  I first read  about the new baby rhino at the Albuquerque BioPark Zoo on John McCormick's blog a few days ago. Little did I know my cousin (pictured above) who lives in Albuquerque would have the opportunity to actually see and touch the new baby rhino. Mary Scott, my cousin is the Deputy Dire...

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