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 Early on a Tuesday morning, FBI agents fan out across the country to arrest dozens of people in six states on racketeering charges and other offenses. The next Gambino family mob "rollup"? No, it's "Operation Varsity Blues" — the newest celebrity scandal, featuring CEOs and Hollywood stars bribi...
 Choosing where to live is one of the most important decisions we make on this journey we call life. Do we embrace the familiar comfort of the small town where we grew up, or do we strike off for fame and fortune in the big city? Do we celebrate new advances in home snowblower technology, or do w...
Every year, New York Metro taxpayers like you venture into the wild frontier known as tax season.And if today's "wild frontier" is outer space (sure seems the case), then I want you to view the Internal Revenue Service as the bright shining star in our solar system: the sun.Simply put, the IRS he...
  Now we're cooking with gas. After weeks of reports that refunds were down, last week's data from the IRS shows a new trend. Although overall quantity of refunds are down, now the average refund is up 1.9%. After so many headlines to the contrary, I suppose that qualifies as good, national tax n...
Word on the tax professional "street" is that tax filing numbers are down across the board so far. That is from data released by software providers (though this year, of all years, I simply don't understand why somebody would use software), as well as overall numbers from the IRS, AND those who a...
Premiums for Medicare health insurance can add up to a substantial sum. That’s especially true if   you have high income, and  you’re married and both you and your spouse are paying premiums.   Fortunately, the premiums can potentially help your tax situation. The dollar benefit of Medicare tax d...
           Oscar night is the biggest night in Hollywood. The stars shine just a little bit brighter. The red carpets stretch just a little bit farther. And the bloated egos get just a little bit bloatier, if that's possible. (Here's looking at you, Bradley Cooper.) Ironically, fewer and fewer of...
           Would anyone in their right mind sit down from scratch and develop the tax withholding system we have today? The IRS publishes tables telling employers how much to take out of everyone's paycheck, depending on their income, their filing status, and the amount they guesstimate they'll b...
By Allan J Rolnick, CPA, CTC It’s the thick of tax season 2019. And I don't like to crow about other's mistakes, but this needs to be said. It may be self-serving, but it’s true. In our line of work, much of what we get to do is to *fix* or alleviate those mistakes, at least when it comes to the...
          Just a couple of generations ago, it just wasn't polite to discuss money. We mostly knew who was rich and who wasn't. But it wasn't until about 1984, when crack investigative journalist Robin Leach launched Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, that Americans began following celebrity hous...

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