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Senate Adds $15,000 Home Buyer Tax Credit to Stimulus That was from February 5th. Would that have been nice or what? It would have sparked our website, I'm sure! I mean, AIG gets to hand out $130Million of our dollars, some of it to keep employess that weren't even still working there? And we don...
Here's a nice tool from Compete.com showing the new visitors for some of the top websites in Omaha. I can't get a break-down of nationals that have office here, like Keller Williams, etc. The growth for some, (way to go, PAOmaha!) and decline of others is interesting. Is there a correlation betwe...
Yahoo! keeps quietly dominating the field. What's going to happen if/when a national database of all real estate is available to these? Will REALTOR.com still be on top? Not bloody likely. Zillow's on the move, overtaking Trulia. Any idea why that would be? The money Google put behind them is lik...
I think most people think of Obama's tax credit as the same as taking the tax deductions off their taxable income. Here's as good a response to that misnomer as I've read. It sounds too good to be true, but it's not. For example, if a qualified home buyer has federal income tax liability of $5,00...
I picked this up by Yahoo! Search but thought it was pretty good! It's from HousingPredictor.com.   How many of these are coming true now?    1- The inventory of listings is reducing as properties come off the market, especially those over priced places that have been sitting on the market rottin...
One of the big Brokers in town had some good stuff to say about the current economic situation as far as home buying is concerned. We thought we'd give credit where credit is due. Larry Melichar had a few nice things to say in the Omaha World Herald.  Way to go, Larry. We need everybody to think ...
Click here to view Open Houses in Omaha, NE at 4114OpenHouses.com. As of April 7, 2009, all MLS Members can upload their open house schedules so Consumers will finally have Open House schedules for all properties in one place. Make that our web site. Don't want dozens of REALTORS® contacting you?...
In an attempt to practice designing web-sites, and to get rid of all that commercial stuff on the home pages offered by the likes of Google, MSN, Yahoo! etc., I've designed a home page and am in the process of getting the domain name for 4114Stephen.com. We have more than 400 domain names that be...
If you can't type, is Vlogging the answer?  Back me up on this. I'm trying to pull an associate into this century but his inability to see the keyboard, let alone the screen is keeping him from being very adept at online marketing. Is this the answer? I hate voicemail. I mean, I really hate it. I...
It's fun being the web designer. I get to see cool stuff out there like TalkBox.com and decide if we're going to include it in our web-site seamlessly. So I read Jeff Turner's Blog and lose sleep over the possiblities of what it would be like to spend more time and insert this into a seamless ver...

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