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Small, easy to read mortgage tidbits from a California lender take you from application to approval in 300 words or less.
Why do Realtors like to recommend DIRECT LENDERS? Could it be that somehow the lenders who are dumping foreclosures have brainwashed Realtors by insisting that anyone making an offer must be approved with a DIRECT LENDER? Or is it because you believe that an approval from one of those BIG BOX ban...
                              The BLUEST thing in the garden                                The  Bluest thing on the lake (AKA husband's favorite toy)                               Blue flip flops, blue sky, blue water. The perfect Friday night.
Question: Why would anyone want to advertise by putting their picture on a grocery cart? At least in my neck of the woods, no grocery cart is complete without a real estate agent on it. Is there some association with buying a couple of pork chops for dinner and looking at the smiling mug of a re...
    The REDDEST thing in the GARDEN.   The REDDEST thing over at the LEASING COMPANY.     Two little REDHEADS at our FAMILY REUNION.
If you are a regular reader of Mortgage Advisor, you know I actually WON my ticket to Inman Connect from the Real Estate Tomato. To Jim Cronin, and the Tomato Crew, thank you. I say this even if Jim's blogging presentation at Inman was waaaaay over my head (Mike Mueller, you warned me! I was too ...
While aimlessly cruising through the blogosphere the other day, I came across a post written on an outside blog discussing ActiveRain mortgage people. Naturally, I was more than a little interested. It was this comment that got me thinking about the uneasy relationship that exists between Realtor...
The view from my house on the shores of Lake Tulloch includes a panoramic view of Connor Estates, probably one of the most beautiful collections of waterfront homes in California. First time guests stepping out on my deck look out across the lake and gasp, "Those.....aren't really......VACATION h...
  This 12 pound zucchini monster is shown next to my blackberry for a size comparison.     Garden trophy?   For some reason, my friends find the shape of this zucchini to be extremely funny.  
Today I got an e-mail asking me this:  Are mortgage brokers going to survive this economic meltdown? My answer is YES, and it comes from my experience as an AUTO BROKER. Over the last 25 years , franchised auto dealerships here in California have done everything in their power to get rid of auto ...
There are are few opportunities left anywhere in California to live right on a lake, but now, thanks to a real estate market focused away from second homes, a rare opportunity exists to own a Lake Tulloch waterfront property. If you ever wanted to live on a lake, don't let this opportunity disapp...

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