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Back Yard Idea’s. Don’t have a lot of money to landscape your backyard.  Here is an idea that is fun , pretty and under $50.  A 12x12 cement paver stone is around $1.30 at your local building center. You need 32 of them.  Simply remove the sod and place the stone so they are ground level so you c...
 Is your Garage Sale Legal? I overheard someone the other day saying they were going to have another garage sale. They still had stuff leftover from the last sale, and had some new stuff to get rid of. Depending on where you live, you might want to check into the rules of having a garage sale. So...
Garbage Day Etiquette You can always tell garbage day in areas of town. Which subdivision, which day. We don’t hold even Realtor open houses on collection day. It is the single garbage cart that can give a subdivision a black eye. Remember, if you are going to be out of town, ask a neighbor to re...
A Day at Your Local Café and a Life Lesson.Do you know how much a waitress makes an hour? I bet a lot of you think…minimum wage. Well you would be wrong. They make $2.11 an hour. They depend on our tips to make up the rest. They may be busy rolling silverware, filling up the salt and pepper shake...
As a rule in any business…there are 3 things you never talk about.                                Religion….Politics….Sex. But if faced with this, I have come up with my answers.    Religion: I think everyone should have one.    Politics: I will vote. And until I pull the switch, I make no promis...
Floor Plans For Every Home I know…I am dreaming again! Wouldn’t it be great if builders filed a floor plan when they built a home? I would guess about 99% of the time sellers don’t have the floor plan to their home. Not everyone gets one even when they buy a brand new home. Wouldn’t it be great i...
Why would I let a hairdresser do my hair when they can’t fix their own…In real estate, with our crazy schedules…sometimes it is hard to schedule a hair appt 6 weeks in advance. I am fortunate to have a very understanding hairdresser. I have had to cancel the day before an appointment due to somet...
Do you own a clothespin bag? I think this may be another item going to the way side. I showed a home the other day that had clothesline poles in the back yard. The young couple I was showing was trying to figure out what they were for. I explained what they were…and got …”Oh, yeah…my grandmother’...
“ Home by Four” 12621 Sky Harbor, Del Valle, TX 78617 3 Bedroom – 2 Bath – 2 Car Garage ML# 5655292 Home by Four is a unique home purchase program which allows families to obtain home ownership within four years with no money down and without the need to qualify for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage ...
If you want new…buy new. A good real estate agent will always advise you to get a home inspection on any home you are thinking about purchasing. Inspectors try to note everything in their report. They don’t want a customer to come back later and say you missed this, or why didn’t you note that. S...

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