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Processional Caterpillars - caterpillars were lined up on the rim of a plant pot. They continued circling until they fell from exhaustion - even though food was only inches away within the pot. The follow the leader instinct is stronger than the will to survive! They did not know to ask, the seemingly obvious question.
Last Friday  an 'opportunity' appeared out of nowhere - a request to perform as a special interest speaker on a cruise ship, sailing from Dubai to India and back to Dubai. Speaking, leading and teaching guests on topics ranging from Eastern philosophies and meditation to tantric tenants and belie...
In 1943 Abraham Maslow developed A Theory of Human Motivation  stating that their are five distinct levels of Human Needs, and one can not be gained without first attaining the previous level. Basic needs of food, water, shelter must be met before a person is able to feel secure, seek gainful emp...
I was already late as I waited for the green turn light, trying to resist the pull left towards the mountain road. Today would be a good day to drive up the mountain, I mused. Perhaps later, if I complete my tasks before sundown, I reasoned resolutely steering into traffic, following the migratio...
A few months ago I wrote an Activerain success story and how my presence on Activerain, along with my blogging had connected me with another RainMaker, Robert Twaron. My story revealed how our virtual friendship had resulted in Robert  me a pet cow (or calf) for my Granddaughter. The saga continu...
Inspiration to write. You should blog again, he said. I haven't felt inspired lately. she said. I've been doing reno's. We all need a nudge sometimes, to get out of the rocking chair, climb the stairs and follow a passion. Life has a way of clouding our vision. Kitchen sinks, casings, plaster and...
The written word, spoken, sang, dictated, Prayed or said.  Meanings misled. Communications fraught with one liners, cliche's and misspellings. Thoughts we read, are not the things we said. Or the words we dread. Last night, I was privileged to participate in the Spoken Word /Inspired Word Cafe ev...
Looking for some Fun in the Sun? Check out Anguilla - for an elite treat. Robert reports on art, beaches, romance and beauty found on one of his frequent visits to this unique Caribbean hideaway.Anguilla  ..   Art .. Memories of  that trip to Anguilla ! Anguilla Shoal Bay Coconut Fish by Henri Co...
Racing through life as a workaholic, takes time, energy and dedication! As a self-professed workaholic I succumb to a restrictive life of work before pleasure. A task oriented individual believing in cliché’s and adages that condemn play time and exalt To-do Lists.  When my head hits the pillow a...
Knowing you are on the right path. Waking each day with joy and exuberation. Being presnt, right here, right now. Making a difference in the lives of everyone you meet. When I leave you, are you Happy? Creating, being, doing, sharing, loving. Giving, hearing, listtening, watching, seeing, believi...
With only two weeks until the Kelowna Municipal Elections, I must admit to a feeling of frustration with my newly chosen community. There appears to be a lack of interest or knowledge even - of an impending election. Attempts to strike up political conversations are met with blank stares, disinte...

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