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This information was current as of April 14th, 2008. Single Family Homes Currently for Sale139  Under $500,00020Over $1,000,00043  Lowest Priced Single Family House$375,000 Highest Priced Single Family House$8,500,000   Median Home Price$776,821 Average Days on Market119Current Market TrendSee Co...
I know how all real estate agents love to debate these sorts of things, so here is one for you to chew on.  It never occurred to me that this was an issue, but apparently it is, and with some interesting views on both sides.  If you are doing a pre-inspection on a vacant home, do you notify the s...
The following information was current as of April 13, 2008.  Single Family Homes Currently for Sale 105     Under $500,000 26 Over $1,000,000 29     Lowest Priced Single Family House $369,950 Highest Priced Single Family House $6,950,000     Median Home Price $699,000 Average Days on Market 112 C...
      The following information was current as of April 13th, 2008.Single Family Homes Currently for Sale130  Under $500,00031Over $1,000,0009  Lowest Priced Single Family House$290,000 Highest Priced Single Family House$1,575,000   Median Home Price$562,000 Average Days on Market91Current Market...
The following information was current as of April 13th 2008.  Included in the report are all homes listed as being in Ballard, Loyal Heights, Sunset Hill and Crown Hill. Single Family Homes Currently for Sale143  Under $500,00014Over $1,000,0006  Lowest Priced Single Family House$259,950 Highest ...
     Tomorrow is the three week anniversary of my joining Active Rain, so I thought I would take a second to reflect on what I learned and say a big thanks to just some of the people who have been such a huge help.    For the first two weeks I committed myself to creating an entry each day.  Also...
Technorati Profile Here are my top ten reasons why Seattle is my favorite town.10.  Every neighborhood has its own personality.  From hip and trendy Capital Hill, Freemont and Belltown, to quiet suburban Magnolia, Admiral and Wedgwood.  No matter what your personality, you can find a neighborhood...
An interesting debate surfaced last week at my office and I thought I would throw it out to the Active Rain community.  When you are representing a buyer and have just completed an inspection, how much information from the inspection report do you share with the seller and listing agent?  Some, w...
With all the media would have us believe the sky is falling, I like to stick to the numbers.  Real estate is a very region specific market, and not everywhere has fallen off the map.  Seattle remains one of the hottest markets in the country.  The chart bellow shows home prices over the past four...
While the current market has a lot of us scratching our heads and have even caused many to leave the industry, I thought it might be a good time to break out a favorite of mine.  I love this poem and think a lot of it applies right now to what we are all facing.  Keep the big picture in mind and ...


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