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Real estate is the only profession where people clearly do not value a Realtor's time. Just because many Realtors do not charge an hourly fee for their time and choose to be paid out of the proceeds at settlement, consumers feel they can just waste a Realtor's time. This is the fault of Realtors ...
You have to be living under a rock if you haven't heard of Twitter lately. Everyone is tweeting these days, even celebrities. But why would a celebrity want to use Twitter? Don't we give them enough attention already? Aren't they always whining every day that they have no privacy? Why then would ...
Lately, I've been tweeting like a banshee. When I tell people that I've been busy working and tweeting their response is what is tweeting? Tweeting in my opinion is just a bunch of status updates that people post all day long. It's actually no different than Facebook in the sense that Facebook as...
People keep asking me how the market is and for some time now, I could answer "slow."  Now, I can honestly answer that a change is on the horizon. I've noticed that houses are moving,more buyers are out there looking with their buyer agents and even more are contacting me to find out how to get q...
By Renee Porsia | March 18, 2009   After my first article regarding the $8000 tax credit, I received even more e-mails and questions so I wanted to touch on the subject a bit more. I wanted to clear up misinformation that has been aired on NBC's Weekend Today. Mrs. Barbara Corcoran was on Today l...
So many first-time home buyers have been contacting me, asking about mortgages and what to do and not to do when starting the home buying process. Here are some answers to those first-time home buyer questions. The first thing that every first-time home buyer needs to do is hire a buyer agent. Yo...
Recently, I have been getting a lot of phone calls and e-mails asking me questions about the $8000 home-buyer tax credit so I wanted to answer the most asked questions and make it as simple as possible. So who gets the credit? First-time home buyers or someone who hasn't owned a home in three ye...
It seems like just about everyone I know now has a Facebook page. It has really become quite the phenomenon. People are reconnecting with high school friends, old girlfriends and boyfriends, family, distant relatives and even making new friends. It seems to have taken the place of a good old fas...
I thought everyone could use a good laugh so I thought I would poke fun of all the Realtors who love to say things like "I'm in the"top 1%",  or "top producer", or "million dollar producer."  Top 1%?  The top 1% of what, the UUWSO....the unprofessional, unethical, whiney, show off group of Realto...
Mortgage companies really tick me off. Constantly misleading the public by putting deceiving information out there to attract business. Telling consumers that they can get an interest rate of a certain percentage should not be allowed because the simple truth of the matter is that a bank cannot q...

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