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Bryon Howard's musing on all things real estate, focusing on the opportunities in Alberta and Calgary.
The Real Estate Investment Network, has identified Edmonton as Alberta's Number 1 City to be investing.To complete due diligence in this great city, visit is an interactive city map that provides you extensive information for each neighbourhood in the city.You can acce...
Inspired by Song ... Beautiful Day, by U2 has been an inspiring song for me for years.Exercising with my IPOD ... I start nearly every workout with this song.It sets up my day.
Around the world in 35 blocksBy Daina LawrencePublished: August 25 2007 01:19 | Last updated: August 25 2007 01:19Calgary's Forest Lawn district used to be a town in its own right before it was annexed by the city, now Canada's fifth largest, in 1961.Perhaps as a result it still has the feeling o...
7 Pennsburg Way SEHere's a good solid bungalow in a very good location.It has been renovated recently and requires no work.It has a GRM (Gross Rent Multiplier) of 9% ... which is very good.Monthly Rent x 12 / Purchase Price ($295K).It's Cap Rate is 6%. (Rent Revenue x 65% x 12 / purchase price = ...
I'm a runner ... a biker ... and a swimmer. I begin most of my days doing one of these activities. I normally leave home about 5:45am. On a particularly dark morning recently, I decided to run towards Glenmore Reservoir via our great path ways. Just east of the Ball fields at North Glenmore Park,...
In an earlier post I spoke about Jack and Susan Welch and their writing about the real estate buying opportunities. Many people have the Chicken Little mentality ... "The Sky is Falling".However, Jack and Susan, encourage others to think "HOLY COW, look at the buying opportunities.HOLY COW ... Ri...
I've been working on a tag line for my business card and other maketing. Do you use a tag line?What do you think of this tag/signature line?  - Experienced Real Estate Counsel -Bryon- Experienced Real Estate Counsel -Bryon is a real estate agent and real estate investor. Along with JV partners, B...
In earlier posts I've been having fun with the Law of Attraction. In Step 3, you need to allow and celebrate the process. So then, ... I am incredibly thankful for every thing I have, and everything I have conquered. I am thankful for my home, my health, my family, and my soon to be closed vacati...
I'm having lots of fun these days with the principle of Law of Attraction. I recently attended Michael Losier's seminar on Law of Attraction. www.LawOfAttractionBook.comStep 3: AllowingWhat is Allowing?  Allowing is the abscence of doubt. Doubt = Negative Vibration.Desire is a Positive Vibration....
Last night I attended Premier Ed Stelmach charity dinner for our Calgary Homeless problem.It was a grand event, and raised over $177,000.During the evening, Premier Stelmach committed his government to developing a 10-year strategy to end homelessness. Part of Stelmachs plan is to create an Alber...


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Bryon Howard's musing on all things real estate, focusing on the opportunities in Alberta and Calgary.