Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Fourth and did not need bail money.Mine started out well with acontract written and accepted and a trip to the boat for some relaxation. Never carry your Iphone 5s in your swim trunks and jmping on a boat as the phone does not float! It should be good fertilizer...
It is amazing that we all take the course; pass the exam's to become licensed and choose the Broker we fell is going to assist us the most while making bushels of money.My biggest lesson that took a while to learn was making a team that would click and help everyone make money. One of the hardest...
Recently as in the last few months it has been a pain to read and write in any venue and even sometimes just looking at pictures.As I could not figure it out and it was not time to see the optometrist it was put aside.As the better half was going in and they were doing the drops I drove and was t...
I thought the book 1984 was written many years ago and not in 1949.Eric Arthur Blair aka George Orwell wrote the novel on May 8, 1949 and envisions a world of lots of government control and a loss of cicil liberties. Seems a lot of people sy this each day and interesting on how many want bigger g...
As spring has arrived in Webster, New York here are a few pictures of the flowering going on around the home.This one is next to the deck and besides the blooms full of birds!A bloom on the Jack in the Pulpit.The newest plant by the deck.and the primrose still going strong. Hopefully some day the...
The annual Memorial Day Parade will be Monday at 9:30 a.m. Village of Webster NYFor other parades in the area: Memorial Day Parades in the Rochester, NY area | Kids Out and About ...Whatever you do; do it safely and with honor.And remember those that have served and are presently serving.God Bles...
Just around the corner off of Whiting Road is a new developement which will have 13 homes in Webster, New York.What was interesting was the phone call that there was a nine bedroom two and a half bath being built with 1896 sq. ft.Calling the builder to ask how he was going to get nine bedrooms; h...
Make it an astonishing day.
A Zombie property in Rochester, New York area is one that has or will be foreclosed and sits empty for an extended periods of time.The major problem besides upkeep is the loss of tax dollars and that one out of every twenty-one home mortgages across the state was in foreclosure in the third quart...
Wishing all those celebrating Passover a very peaceful and Happy day.  

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