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Hi all: I hope you're well! I was thinking about how much it matters if you're a consumer to choose a loan officer who knows what they're doing and has the full support of their company. Why do I say this? Because I think there are some loan officers still out there who just care about their payc...
Hi all: I will wish you a fantastic weekend in advance! I've been thinking about last year and how I wanted to really step it up for 2011. For me, it's back to the basics in a big way! Part of me was recently inspired by Brian Buffini. Quite a few of you probably know who he is. I attended a semi...
Good morning all! It's a beautifully sunny morning here; clear and cold. Happy New Year! What's different for you about 2011? I'm pretty optimistic in spite of a challenging 2010. It helps that my pipeline is already filling. I also plan on doing things differently this year. It's back to the tri...
Good morning all! I trust your few days off were worthwhile. Now, we can all look forward to 2011. What I learned in 2010 will only help in 2011! My year that will end shortly wasn't what I expected at all. I did ok but not as well as 2009. What's interesting is that in 2009 the only expectation ...
Hi all: I just wanted to wish you the Merriest of Christmases! It's interesting. Mine seem to get better and better. Today we were at my daughter's new home watching our grandson rip into presents. He's only one so he doesn't really get it yet. But, still it was fun. We followed up gift giving wi...
Hi all: I'm going to self-promote here a bit. The Legacy Group unveiled its brand new and interactive website yesterday. For a first look, go to I think it's pretty cool. Look for further adjustments and changes in the future. As always, I welcome your feedback. Have a great day!
Hi all: I would imagine a lot of my brothers and sisters in the business are in shock as interest rates for a 30 year fixed mortgage have gone from a low of near 4% (4.15% APR) to closer to 4.5% (4.65% APR). Is 4.75% the new median?  Obviously, the rise is rates has choked off almost all refinanc...
Good morning! We still have snow on the ground here and it's pretty cold (below freezing which is cold for here). Happy Thanksgiving to you! What are your plans today? Myself? We kick off the umpteenth Turkey Bowl at 9 this morning. I'm not sure how many flag football games I've played with famil...
Hi all: I just was on Yahoo Finance and almost all the information being reported gave me pause. From Ireland's bailout by the EDC to insider trading scandals on Wall Street, the news is a bit grim. It's interesting that our government keeps trotting out positive numbers (4 straight months of inc...
Good morning! I hope you're well. I was thinking earlier about how we really need to partner up; not only  to weather the real estate storm we're in but also to provide the most value we can to our clients. A few days ago I was approached by a fellow Active Rainer about collaborating with others ...

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