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  Article Bankruptcy & agreement gone astray. This article was a bit shocking...it however reflects just how complex things are... I found it while stumbling around on Google trying to find some of the guidelines I had inquired about in moving forward & "dusting ourselves off".....instead I found...
I just had to re-blog Mr. Mike Cooper's post, my comments were too long...  I wish I could post in all the major citiy news networks for inspirational purposes.  I hope passing it forward helps.  Thank you so much Mike!! If I had a "like" button I would have hit it at least 5 or more times...  Be...
Miami Herald Sunday July 24, 2011 - "See Artists Work At Studio 18" I found it very refreshing to read this article & that the City of Pembroke Pines was innovative enough to come up with this great opportunity for Artists.  I have a long line of Artists in my family & it holds a special place in...
This was requested to be re-blogged for us to have better insight on our SEO...passing it forward for those that may not have seen it :)  Happy Monday!!In our efforts to keep ActiveRain highly SEO friendly and to get our member blogs to the top of the search engines, we are working with a well-kn...
Our environment is of much concern to many globally in our trying to be "green" & of course our health is of utmost importance & our longevity.  We should preserve our resources and try to be as "green" & preserving as possible, as we are not certain how long those resources for our future childr...
Did anyone see this movie "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps"??  This movie kept me in awe.  I highly recommend it for anyone that may wish to have even further insight to the financial debacle.  I can not promise you that there will be any greater resolution, but what I can suggest is that there w...
I have been compelled by several post lately.  I have to start to re-blog with this one by Melinda Peterson from Oregon.  It brought tears is all I can say.  I am forwarding it to several friends outside of active rain & I felt it was definitely a great reminder of the compassion in our industry,...
Well my local Costco is never usually disappointing for me....however this trip was a unique one.  I had to share - two great finds (or three) @ my most recent trip to Costco. I was a bit partly cloudy w/ a light cold & stopped in under duress actually. I had been asked to pick up a few items for...
Friend Needs A Real Estate Attorney that specializes in HOA(s) & Condo(s) for plumbing modification Central Florida (Cocoa Beach, FL) Does anyone have any referrals they would feel confident in recommending? Thanks very much!!
This was an original blog by Heather Cook that was worthy of re-posting.  This had sooooo many "excellent" comments.  I just had to re-blog.  MANY do not realize the tremendous work (both physical & mental), the large investment, the talent (creativity), not to mention the "value" of what it take...

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