I have a neighbor that has turned out to be crazy.  What am I going to do?  Any persons out there with experience and help in these situation, I am open to suggestions. When I bought my second home, my neighbor was friendly, involved in the neighborhood politics, knew everyone, and was full of li...
This is such a bittersweet day. It is sad, because it is the last long weekend in the summer. A time to enjoy, share with friends, relax and just take in all the sun you can before the fall and winter set in. Oh, but wait, what about all the other stuff on Tuesday. Maybe it is school, or maybe en...
I am very interested in the Nova Scotia/Newfoundland areas, but know nothing about them, except that I love Nova Scotia Lobster, and I have the fishing town/cliff house in baron area stereotypical image in my mind. I would like to know about the areas, which is what and what each of them represen...
The begining of the school year is so exciting. I remember going shopping for school supplies, getting everything ready and in order, getting new school clothes, and being really happy to go back, now that summer was getting to be boring. Little did I realize that summer was ending and it was sup...
Hey everyone, it is time to give it the once over. This is the last long weekend of the summer. If you school is not an all year round, and it hasn't started yet, it will be on Tuesday most likely. Yippee!!!! Lots of new people and things to do and learn. Great new experiences coming. What about ...
Thank you, I am so excited to have found you.  Of course I discovered you on my way out the door, but I will be back very soon.  Love the September calendar graphic. 
Did you know that batteries have to go one place to be recycled, and those CFL lightbulbs have to go another. By the way, in Ontario, Home Depot accepts them, so when you go to Home Depot to buy new ones, give them the old ones.  Hmm... Why don't we get money for that like we do for cans.  Funny,...
With posts like this on Yahoo News we all need to help our environment. Thought this was an interesting piece of information. Published on Monday, August 31, 2009 by Associated Press Climate Trouble May Be Bubbling Up in Far North MACKENZIE RIVER DELTA, Northwest Territories — Only a squawk from ...
How sad, PV is on fire!!  It has been a scorching day and things are very dry.  I know quite a few of the families that live up there, and because it is real.   At this time, I want to send out prayers to all the residets.  I hope your homes, families and pets are all okay and safe.


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