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The most powerful decision we have to make, we don't have to make today.Nature gives us signs; we don't have to live the life of suffering.Decide every thing you want; write it down, in clarity, so clear a child could understand it.Make a plan to achieve - Make a list, and work on it every day.Le...
Why do this? To bring change into your life.Take a blank piece of paper outWrite down 10 gaols for the next year that you'd like to achieve, write them down as though they already happened.Now ask yourself this, "If I could have one of these goals in the next 24 hrs, what one of these goals would...
Here are three things that I know will change your life for ever:1)    You are the person responsible for your life.     a)    No it's not your parents, your spouse, or your boss, it's you. It's up to you to make the changes you'd like to have in your life.     b)    So knowing that, you need to ...
Fear is self centered, think about it. What is the act of being fearful? There are certain fears that are OK to have such as, If I drive my car at 105 mph and close my eyes, some one could get hurt. Or if I jump out an air plane with NO parachute, something bad could happen. These are example of ...
What do you value? What is important to you? If you knew that life was going to end in five years, would you still live the way that you live now? Would you still be in the same relationships? Would you fight about the same things? Would you hang on to that grudge? Would you call and reconcile wi...
Why do we do what we do, when we know what we know?Think about it, I'm sure most of you reading this know what it is that you should be doing every day to create the business that you want, but you don't do it. Why is that?The reason is simple, it's accountability. Yes if your not accountable, it...
Warning: this reads a little like a journal entry. If you're interested in getting inside the mind of a woman who's out of her tree, then read on. If not, hit delete and make it an awesome week.If you're still with me, I give you "Make a Left." That's what I did last week. My life took an unexpec...
You can not become successful, you can only be successful.Think about this way, success is not a destination, success is the journey.Go out and travel with success today.
"It's what we do on the off days, not the on days, that separates us" "Move the moment, not by the moment" Prepare you time:•1)    Block your time off; Decide when you holidays are going to be, than block them off. Now work hard the rest of the time.•2)    Live by the calendar- not by the clock. ...

To be ego free.As you go through today, ask yourself, "what would life be like with out ego?"Lets see: First I would problay smile more. Ego makes us think that kindness is weakness. Maybe I would hold a door open for some one, male or female. With out ego we will give to others without feeling t...

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