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I am getting a few things ready for one of the most important meetings I have had in years tomorrow morning. I start reflecting upon my day and think of my favorite part of my job. As a Realtor I am allowed the freedom of working my own schedule. I am so blessed that my job allows me to be able t...
In Hawaii each section of the island is in a specific lava zone. When purchasing property or a home on the island of Hawaii the lava zone is important because in some areas home owners insurance cannot be had, in some areas the banks will not grant loans. If you are looking to buy in Hawaii make ...
Location, location, location. Most people think "hey, your in Hawaii, there can't be a bad location. These days the VOG coming from the very active volcano of Kilauea has been causing problems for this particular location. The VOG travels from the Kilauea Volcano, travels over Mauna Loa and trave...
I love my coffee. I am good for at least 2 pots of coffee a day. Living here in Hawai'i I have tried every coffee available from each of the islands. There is Kona, Kauai (my favorite until now), Maui and more. Now, we have Ka'u coffee. Ka'u is Hawai'i's largest district covering the whole south ...
Well, I am getting geared up to switch companies. I am really excited. I just met one of the best Realtors I have met on this island so far. Motivated and motivating. Professional and kind. Talks about Real Estate and not his problems. Believes and works with the same brand of real estate as I do...
Wow, what a pickle I am in. The industry changes and right now it's killing me. My broker has decided she no longer wants to do Real Estate. I have been with her company for three years and have basically built it up for her... it's just me and her. I have a lot of inventory and am in the middle ...
I have registered to google and can now track all the activity and key words that lead people to my site. How to? I know all computers are different so here's how it works for me. Open interent Explorer. In the upper right hand corner you can click to register. You will have to verify your site b...
Well, it's Aloha Friday here in beautiful Hawai'i. I like to say goodbye to the week and hello to the weekend. We have clear skies and my wish from yesterday for the trades to kick up has come true. My plan for the weekend is to take my family to the famous Black Sand Beach at Punalu'u and practi...
Back in 1996 I attended the Mike Ferry Seminar in Palm Springs California. It was so exhilarating to be part of that setting and the training was so enlightening. The following year I took the Floyd Wickman Sweathogs Program. Different but the same. Two different guys as far as personality but th...
How are you being affected by the VOG? I have a 7 year old son who is having breathing problems. He keeps getting what the doctor is calling "viral pneumonia" he believes is caused by the VOG. So, I checked out the information at this link http://volcano.wr.usgs.gov/kilaueastatus.php It seems we ...

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