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This six-part guide should serve as a resource that will ignite ideas and help you build a solid foundation of best practices and habits for generating leads from referrals. Simply put, developing a business based on referrals is not just important, but mandatory for a successful career in real e...
I just updated my expired listing letter and thought I would share the copy with the AR community. I believe the market has improved somewhat and some of the expireds are now in a better position to sell. Obviously everyone should write this in their own voice but it's sometimes nice to have a ba...
We all know going green is good for the ol' third rock from the sun, but it's also good for the other kind of green: cash. Unfortunately, there are currently no standards when it comes to home valuation and energy features. But going green is something agents need to be prepared to discuss with t...
  OK, I know that sounds strange, but it's true. I'll explain, but before we get there, let’s review our relationship with consumers. As agents we're constantly thinking about what we can do to promote our services and our own personal brand. We refine and tweak our Unique Selling Proposition. Ou...
By Nathan Froelich May 8, 2012 Here are some techniques to elevate your buyer services to the next level. You’ll save time by closing buyers faster, and they’ll love you for being such a pro. Create a process. Start with a finish line. This means you have a target move-in date that you and your ...
Hello Active Rain Friends, I am a CO real estate agent and I also publish a free website for agents . We just recently added a free un-branded power point listing presentation template. Check it out, send feedback, use it to win some business. Click on image below: Cheers, Nathan Froelich
This is a story about the emotional roller coaster I went through recently when my neighbors listed their home with another local agent. We’re not extremely close with this family, but we have lived next door for about a year. A week or so ago my wife had been over at their house to do a few hair...
I would have never considered envy to be such a potent emotion. Prior to my experiences in real estate I never gave envy a second thought. This is not to say that other occupations don't have serious doses of envy but I had never experienced the toxic swirl of emotion envy can cause in any of my ...

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