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Mortgage Marketing tips, articles and how-to's for using Single Property Websites from
In order to increase the effectiveness of your mortgage marketing strategy, we have improved our default property flyers for your Agent’s property listings, and the new flyers are now live! We have regenerated all the new default flyers for your Agent’s property sites, and you can now access them...
Did you know that the time of day and the day of the week can both have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your mortgage marketing on Facebook? A recent report from Buddy Media cited several different factors that can determine the success of your Facebook updates, including the time of...
Google+ has become a serious contender over the past months in the ring of online social media and Mortgage Marketing platforms. Given the recent addition of Google’s “search plus your world“, which puts more weight on Google+ content in search results, it is even more important than ever to adop...
As a Loan Officer or other Mortgage Marketing Professional, you know the importance of finding (and capturing) quality real estate and mortgage leads. As we continue to develop and expand our MoreLoans4U Mortgage Marketing program, there are new features coming out just about every other day! Tod...
In a recent post on our Mortgage Marketing blog, we discussed how you can easily integrate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns into your mortgage marketing strategy. If you are new to the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the article will provide you with...
According to an article today on Reuters, applications for home mortgages have surged more than 20% as a result of low mortgage rates. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, the low rates haved fueled a huge increase in both refinancing and home purchase demand, causing a 23.1 percent inc...
In a recent blog post on our mortgage marketing blog we discussed one of our great new features that not only allows Loan Officers and Lenders to connect with Real Estate Agents, but also to market yourself directly to the BUYER market. I wanted to share with you the video below so you can get a ...
Blogging is nothing new to the mortgage marketing world, yet there are many reasons that Loan Officers and Lenders aren't utilizing it as they should. Perhaps you don't think you are a good writer or you simply just don't have enough ideas for topics to cover. Whatever the reason, it is vital tha...
For Loan Officers, Lenders, and other mortgage marketing professionals, LinkedIn has become a great place to showcase your talents and expertise. LinkedIn profiles are more professional than Facebook profiles, and allow you to include much more in-depth information than a Twitter page. Whether yo...
Your input is requested! I am building a list of the Top 10 Mobile Apps for Mortgage Marketing Professionals and would like to hear which ones YOU think are best. There are plenty of real estate apps that benefit consumers such as: 1) Zillow Zillow is a leader in mobile real estate, providing dat...

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Co-marketing each property puts you directly in front of a massive audience of buyers. Your mortgage banner-ads and sponsorship prominently present your financing messages to the buyer market. Market the Home ... and generate more Mortgage Leads.

Provide Real Estate Agents (and FSBOs) with a complete Property Marketing solution that automates their Real Estate Marketing. Realtors will love the exceptional way that their listings automatically get showcase treatment making it easy for them to impress their Sellers and win more listings.