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Today's News... Freddie Mac conforming loan limits are unchanged for 2008Today Freddie Mac is announcing that for 2008, our loan limits will remain unchanged from their 2007 levels. Through December 31, 2008, Freddie Mac will continue to purchase home mortgages up to the following loan amounts:Fo...
This will indeed suck for everyone!  Be ready because it's coming, Fannie and Freddie are implementing this so, in order for the lenders to make these loans saleable, they will have to utilize these add ons.IMPORTANT !!!!!!! FannieMae and FreddieMac have recently issued changes to loan level pric...
Understand advertising trends to market your real estate.By Jeanette Joy FisherTake advantage of the annual report by the National Association of Realtors profiling homebuyers and sellers. The findings reveal some interesting information about how and where to spend money when it comes to adverti...
"Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it" - many Traders were hoping that the Jobs Report would come in below expectations, as to clearly pave the way for a Fed rate cut on Sept 18th. In fact, the Jobs number was so lousy the only debate left is if the cut will be .25% or .50%. There ...
This sad, sad list grows daily-and it's not done yet.  Many other lenders are barely hanging on trying to make it through this rough time (i.e. Countrywide).  The Fed just provided the banks some liquidity-for some lenders, it will only prolong the inevitable unfortunately.There are so many good ...
You have heard a lot of rumors about the lending practices in Minnesota that went into effect August 1st.  To my surprise, a lot of mortgage brokers I talked to (even recently) had no idea what was even coming until the emails start pouring into their in box telling them their programs are now go...
"Flipping" isn't for everyone-Be ahead of the game by knowing what you are buying!  Don’t (especially for the first ones you buy) go in thinking you know everything of what to look for.  Bring in inspector in as early as you can-so you don't waste your time and money!Don’t have one yet?  Intervie...
Reasons to beware of flipsThis sounds like a funny article for me to write because I buy and sell properties-sometimes fairly quickly (known as FLIPS) but you need to take an extra look at a home if you know you are buying a "flip" property.Not to say that all or even most investor rehabs are sho...


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