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Good evening everyone-On this eve of my birthday I feel blessed to be witnessing the birth and the rapid growth of and the constant feeding by their parents of 4 baby robins. I first posted on 4/22/2015 that Mama robin had laid 4 eggs and then again on 5/3/2015 that they were born and I witnessed...
Good evening everyone-I hope all you Mothers had a wonderful day.  Now I am a momma to a four footed baby kitty named Shadow. Now I am sure many of you mothers got flowers for Mothers Day but since I don't allow Shadow to have a purse and spend my money I had to enjoy flowers a different way than...
Happy Friday everyone-The baby robins are growing. They now have a bit more feathers or fur at this stage. Looks more like fur right now vs feathers.  All 4 are hatched. I watched them the first time they got fed after they had and have seen them get fed a few times after that. It is funny to see...
Hello everyone-Close to two weeks ago I did a blog about a robin laying 4 eggs in a tree crotch only about 3' off the ground.I didn't know how long before they would take to hatch. A very short 2 weeks later and so far two of them have hatched. When I peeked in the first time there was one hatche...
Good morning everyone-I have to wonder where they come up with these interesting holiday's.Now most of you know I am an avid gardener but I had NO idea they had a World Naked Gardening Day til yesterday when I happened to catch an article about it on the web.  I can imagine there will be some fol...
Good evening everyone-While I was out working in the garden this week I had one lady pull in the driveway and then back out and stop where I was working. She asked me, Is this a nursery? Somebody told me there was a nursery over in this vicinity. NOPE. Not here. I told them where the ones in the ...
Good afternoon everyone. This is a big maple in the front part of my garden and right behind my swing. As you will notice in the crotch of that tree there is a birds nest.  It is a new nest this yr and I thought it looked like a robins nest.It is only about 3-4 ft off the ground. Thought it was p...
Good morning everyone-Today is a special day. Our very own Queen of Fishhawk Lake and AR ambassador extraordinaire Gayle Rich Boxman has a birthday today.Anyone who knows Gayle knows she is a beautiful.  smart, sophisticated, loving, giving and truly one of a kind woman.  She loves her family, fr...
Good evening everyone-Spring has come to my neck of the woods and the temps have been beautiful. Lots of the trees are budding as well as beautiful blossoms on the trees and shrubsI was sitting in the swing in Lindsey's garden enjoying the mild temps and thought I would do a bit of reading. Then ...
Good Monday morning everyone- I took last year on my way to Pagosa Springs. It was a beautiful day and the views were great. This is just one of the pics as I stopped along the way.  It seemed that the landscape was different everywhere you looked. MAY YOUR DREAMS BE BOLD AND YOU SAVOR THE VIEW W...


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