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What is on your mind? I like to learn from others in the industry. Thoughts, opinions and important information are what you should find. Please comment I have thick skin.
I just wanted to wish everybody on the Rain a Happy New Year. I hope that 2009 brings everyone the very best it has to offer.
Christmas has been around a very long time and I have been involved in 30 Christmases in my lifetime. In the past, there have been many great times and I have had the ultimate Christmas fun. I would describe this loosely as a time that was spent with family, spreading the cheer, receiving the gif...
Janet really hit the nail on the head with this blog. She did a tremendous job. It is a post that I think everyone wants to see.  There is a new disease out there: Fear of Financing (FOF). FOF is a psychological disease that prevents people from buying houses. While we have yet to discover a cure...
I am a firm believer in the Brian Buffini system of doing business and one of the things that Mr. Buffini says is: KNOW YOUR STATISTICS! What I believed to be the norm in the Sacramento and Placer county markets was not the same picture the statistics present. My general thoughts through what I w...
Recently, I was introduced to a word game that can be rather fun. It is called word warp and if you are an I-phone user you can download the game for free. The game itself is taking six letters and creating as many words as possible with them. To advance to the next level you have to get the word...
I wanted to take a moment to talk about something that I think is taken for granted and often overlooked. That something is how you choose the broker that you work for and why? Everybody in the Real Estate sales game is self-employed. Whether you are paid via 1099 or W-2 it is based on commission...
Hey, I know that you have to continuously blog to get comments in this forum. There was a time that I was blogging everyday and seem to receive a fair share of comments and then I stopped and refocused. The point is part one of this topic received no comments and it was a fair topic. I think that...
With the constant change in the financial markets today it must be difficult to know which offers come to you with solid financing. There are a few questions that I have for the agents for the other side so that we may all better understand the psychology. Who wins out of the examples below: 97% ...
The current economic climate has many of our borrowers worried and many of us may be in that boat as well. It is very easy to let the media get in your head. They will twist words, exaggerate and spin the column to best make a story. That is the job of a great journalist. To evoke emotion from yo...
There are many great books out there that are phenomenal to read.  One book that I read was called Every Man's Battle. I was thinking today why I was working on ordering my loan documents for a client about the daily battles we go through as mortgage brokers. There is a laundry list that make the...

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