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 What’s Stopping You? A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how nothing can stop you from making a great living as a Realtor except you because YOU can make the marketing calls every day.  As long as you make outbound calls every day, you will always have business coming in. So this leads one to...
 When an Objection is Not Really an Objection! I have talked about it before, but repetition is the mother of greatness. Smokescreen objections are the most common type of objection you will get today and they are NOT EVEN REAL!  That’s right, they are not real objections and so you do not overco...
It was time for an office lunch.  This time we took a short trip to Oriental Cafe in Vernon CT.  I recommend their cocuout shrimp and scallops - simply to die for - best I have had anywhere. 
When NO Does NOT Mean no! I do a lot of reading to help grow my business and hopefully, help you expand yours.  The following article was written by Tom Hopkins, long regarded as one of the top Real Estate Trainers in the world.  Hope you enjoy! “Awhile back, I heard about a super salesperson who...
 Where to Get the Best Leads!!!The average Realtor gets over 70% of their listings and indeed their business, from friends/family and past/present clients.  Think of that-70%.  Yet the average Realtor does almost NO marketing to these groups.  Most of their money is spent on classified ads, displ...
 Which Way is the Economy Heading? Doesn’t matter!  Ask 10 people, you will get 10 different answers and no one knows who is right.  The reason most of my tips focus on building business and not on the economy is simple-I can’t control the economy.  Every minute I spend thinking about the economy...
  Who Are the BIG Winners?   Some people are having their best year ever, but they are in the minority.  For many Realtors, they have adjusted to a sales pace that is less profitable than it used to be.  Lower home prices, longer closings, less net income at the end of the day.  They tend to fall...
  Who Do You Know (Part 2)  Yesterday I talked about the grand daddy of all referral questions, “Who do you know?”  We talked about how 66% of all business generated by 95% of the successful agents come from 4 sources: friends, family, acquaintances, or a co-worker.  That is 2/3rds of all busines...
  Who Do You Know?       The grand daddy of all referral questions is JUST as relevant today.  I was reminded of this when I read an article recently.  Here are some quick facts and ideas taken from that article that may remind you of the simple things that often get overlooked.        66% of all...
  Who Do You Want To Be Today?   For 80’s buffs, yes, that is from an Oingo Boingo song.  Remember them?  Anyway, the question stands and is a legitimate question to ask yourself-who do you want to be today?   You see, each day we are faced with MANY choices and how you react to those choices wil...


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