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Got an e-mail the other day from a Realtor asking what is the right amount of time to keep bothering people after they made an initial call off of a sign or listing. Instead of dealing with that question I spent time talking to the Realtor about the bigger problem, she perceived following up as b...
Many Realtors believe that the top producers are “lucky” because they have assistants and buyers agents and indeed, in some ways they have their own sales force. But actually ANY Realtor, as well as any sales professional for that matter, can produce their own sales force and the best news is-YOU...
All of business teaches us a simple lesson, if you want to be extremely successful, solve people’s problems. All the great industries, businesses, and sales people have this one thing in common-they solve problems. Now I am not talking about little annoying problems like termites, I am talking ab...
There is still much more opportunity then difficulty. In fact, often, the difficulty is the opportunity. I believe that people like us who are drawn to this industry inherently know we have what it takes to make it in real estate. There is nobody but you who can stop you from being successful in ...
There is a much better and cheaper way to get business! Sure, the Super Bowl is seen around the world but you are not going to be selling any property in Russia anyway. And since ½ the ads you cannot even remember the next day, I just don’t think it is a smart investment. Far better is that mains...
One of the silent killers of many a career in Real Estate, especially for new or struggling Realtors is self-doubt. I can write an entire thesis on the psychological mind and how it stops your forward momentum-but I won’t. The bottom line is this: confidence is key. If you don’t believe in yourse...
Parkinson's LawBy: Brian TracyI found the following article by Brian Tracy at and I thought you may find it valuable. Have a great week!  Why People Succeed or Fail Parkinson's Law is one of the best known and the most important laws of money and wealth accumulation. It was de...
I found the following article in Broker Agent News, thought it would be helpful to you. How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, Practice, Practiceby Julia Escobar I know it's an old line, but it bears repeating. How do you get to the top of your game? How do you take your place center stage in...
It is amazing to me how few Realtors capitalize on all the marketing at their disposal. Many Realtors hold open houses and most will say that you don’t sell the home at the open house but I know Realtors that sell MOST of their homes during that Open House. They make sure, however, that the open ...
In the Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham, Sam-I Am teaches us a huge lesson about asking. As kids, we intrinsically ask and ask and ask. Most kids do eventually get-or they get a lot more than they would if it was up to us parents. As adults, we tend to forget that the best sales people ask f...

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