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Many real estate agents have been leaving the business.  But who are leaving?  Is it the inexperienced agent?   Is it the agent with little business?  Is it the agent who is a year away from retirement deciding to leave early?  Is it an agent who is part of a team which is cutting back?  Is it an...
I'm curious as to whether or not people are full time doing BPOs and REOs.  Or are you doing part time regular real estate and part time BPOs and REOs.  If so, how do you split the time.  I am trying to get to full time doing BPOs and REOs.   Right now I'm 75% BPOs and REOs and 25% regular real e...
I have been really busy this month.  I have been working day and night 7 days a week.  The most time I have taken off is 1/2 day.  I have been hoping for a break.  The phone stopped ringing yesterday.  I have received only junk emails.  Now I am worried that I will not have enough business.  I gu...
In the Reno Sparks association there are about 2500 Realtors(R).  In 2007, in the Reno Sparks area, 3352 single family homes sold, 676 condos sold, 226 manufactured homes sold, 217 parcels of vacant land sold and 65 multi-family properties sold.  For a total of 4536 sales.  The average Realtor go...
When will I learn?  I had a carpet cleaner clean my house.  He did a good job.  He charged me $300.  A client needed a carpet cleaner.  They are in their 70's.  I recommended him.  He did an ok job.  He charged them $750 for the same size home.  Why can I not find someone who will do a good job 2...
There are many new home developements in my area.  One is  building these very nice homes (top of the line), still under construction.  The homes in the neighborhood sell for $200,000 - $250,000.  The new homes will sell for $400,000 and higher.  My question is how do they appraise these homes?  ...
Are you using blogging as advertising?  Are you blogging to get information?  Are you blogging to give information?  Are you blogging for points?  Are you blogging for fun?  Are you blogging to get someone to listen to you (I have two teenagers)?  Are you blogging to start a discussion?  Are you ...
I've had two BPOs this week which were homes that sold as FSBOs six months ago.   The timing indicates something strange to me.  Did someone buy the home from the FSBO with no money down and had the FSBO take a second as a down payment?  They then collect rent until the bank forecloses?   Or am I...
You decide to try something new, mailing to a geographic farm, door knocking, calling fsbo's, advertising in a new magazine, etc.  It doesn't seem to generate any results.  Do you keep it up for a year, six months, 1 time, or what?  Does your answer change if the activity costs time vs money?
One thing that bugs me is bloggers who respond after every comment.  It is like they have to get the last word in or they have lost the discussion.  They make their point in the blog and then repeat it in the comment.  If you comment about this, I promise not to respond.

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