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This is a Truth Connection. Rain- it blesses everyone Agents all over the world can talk. My goal is to have every home change to compact energy efficient lights. Save the world. One bulb at a time.
We saw whales last week. We saw dolphins. Five fun dolphins played in the surf. On the Avenues in Redondo Beach there are street lights along Catalina. Really early they are just standing there and as the dawn comes up there will be a seagull perched on each one. It is later after they leave, a r...
Weather in Redondo Beach. The big rain coming was I didn't put my ad in the paper. And when the sun was out all weekend I just put up signsI did an open house Saturday and showed property Sat and Sunday. So, I am putting in ads for next weekend.Really, the weather report made it sound l...
Buyers market and low interest rates are together at last. What a beautiful blend! That is huge news.It is rare good news. It's been 9 years since this real estate phenomenon has occurred. Yes, the deal is, that you have to be ready, qualified, have a good fico score, and all the traditional lend...
Have you noticed the swing into sales in the last week? The South Bay means a lot of things in California. In Southern California it includes the 10-mile stretch of beaches called Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach. All three fall south of LAX airport. Something nice is slightly fel...
Beautiful Family Home, HUGE Yard Type: Single Family Home Location: 3810 Virginia Road , Los Angeles, CA 90008 Bedrooms: 3, Bathrooms: 1 full, 1 half Price: $650,000 OPEN HOUSE12/01/2007 - Saturday 1 - 4 PM12/02/2007 - Sunday 1 - 4 PM Description: Move in ready for Christmas! Beautiful traditiona...
Walking and Real EstateI went to a seminar from a top Century 21 agent and what is the main thing I took away. WALKING. She has attended Tony Robbins and is coached by Mike Ferry and she gave us an example of her day. She starts with exercise, then reads and meditates. She writes out her goals fo...
Real estate open houses everywhere are more fun with music playing.Sure sometimes there is cookie and cider spice aroma. A fireplace burning is another sweet reminder of home sweet home. But music is my number one favorite thing to have playing in Hermosa Beach listings.Can you imagine a FILM wit...
Grateful that I question authority came up in my thinking as I read The Medici Effect. I think everyone who loves to read should read it. Google it and find it on Amazon. It is about divergent thinking that creates new ideas.JOSEPHAs I read it I could see so many examples of this divergent thinki...
Once upon a time ( its true) the cleaning lady at a home decided to clean out the fireplace ashes.She decided the vac system would be a good idea. Very quick and efficient.  hummWhen the owner came home he smelled smoke. They called the fire department and they came over to track it down. The vac...
Thanksgiving is always for giving thanks. This year with the fires surrounding our area, San Diego, Lake Arrowhead and all around Los Angeles where we live. I am finally ready to let go of the things I have kept for various reasons.Mainly I passed on things to others. Kids clothes and things are ...

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This is a Truth Connection. Rain- it blesses everyone Agents all over the world can talk. My goal is to have every home change to compact energy efficient lights. Save the world. One bulb at a time. If every home in the USA changed even one bulb it would save on the emissions of 800 Thousand cars. Real Estate ownership leading the way for financial security. Linking to every interest, South Bay, Beach areas, Views of the mountains and ocean, Vacation spots, investments, success where everyone wins and feels right at home