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Daily thoughts and observations about Naples, Florida and surrounding areas.
Dendrobium Orchids taken on our Lanai, October 8th,2010    Island Walk Real Estate: Here's a look at Island Walk as of October 5th: Property Number for Sale Lowest Price Highest Price Avg. Asking Price Per Sq. Ft. Avg. Days on Market             Island Walk              53 $180,000 $599,000 $177...
Within the area comprised of Golden Gate Parkway, Naples Airport and Goodlette -Frank Road there is work going on that you may or may not know. The effort is known as The Greenway Project or locally named Naples Central Park. This is a combined effort on the part of local, state and federal offic...
I had a very interesting day today. I was called yesterday to come see Mr. So and So who had two very high end condos on Gulf Shore Drive in Naples he wanted to list. Yesterday was a day I wanted to forget. Got up early felt awful 9fever, aches, chills) . So when his call came in I was not my usu...
On my morning walk the other day it hit me? What if I wanted to or had to retire as a Realtor. I know how hard I have worked to gather and keep my clients. Does that client list have value to someone else that is a Realtor. Do Realtors sell their businesses? Do they take a referral fee on all the...
In light of the tragic news coming out of Ohio this morning and the unfortunate fate of our fellow Realtors, may I ask..... What is your company's safety alert protocol that is currently in place and have you ever had to use it? Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those families.
Over the past year I have had the pleasure of seeing an increase in my business. I attribute a lot of that success to Listing Book  and my monthly newsletters which keeps me "top of mind" on a monthly basis. Listing Book allows me know what my clients are choosing to look at. I never let them kno...
Morbid ..yes. But please understand I just found out about the passing of a wonderful lady, 87 years old that was our Realtor in Ocean City NJ. She was the best of the best. As her clients we trusted her, we confided in her and she was always on our Christmas card and birthday card list becasue o...
The current activity for Island Walk of Naples, Florida is as follows (as of September 2nd): Currently Active: 46 Lowest Price: $176,000 Highest price: $640,000 Average asking Price per square foot: $182 Average days on Market: Capris: 201 Arubas/Capris: 155 Oakmont: 80 Carlyle: 97 Properties pri...
I was fortunate enough to attend the Realtors Convention August 25th - 28th in Orlando, Florida. The best thing about these gatherings is the vast amount of information you can receive. One great piece of information that I've never heard of before was Scan Life.  What do these scans do for the R...
I walk every morning that I don't have clients. It is very unusual to see roses in Naples FL because of the heat and humidity. But, lo and behold, I saw a rose bush this morning and was admiring it. I just had to sneak in and get close enough to see if Florida roses smelled as wonderful as Pennsy...

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Naples, Florida..... a wonderful place to live, work and play. It's hard to get up on the wrong side of the bed when sunshine and gentle breezes await you. Let me acquaint you with my wonderful area.