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After months of mulling and limping along with my old phone I've finally made a decision.  As much as the name gives me the willies, I'm going with the Droid. Verizon started selling the phone today and this morning was the first time you had the opportunity to buy a phone - there weren't any adv...
Today was Election Day.  Around here it was a low key election - just city council and school committee positions being filled. The big story was Boston Mayor Menino's reelection to an unprecedented fifth term.   My polling place holds a bake sale to raise money for the kids in the school that ho...
There's a bumper crop of acorns around here this fall.  Really it's a banner year for acorns - the ground is thick with them.  A veritable carpet of acorns covers the ground anywhere close to an oak tree. Turns out the squirrels can't keep up.  I'm sure they're taking their share but vast quantit...
A couple of weeks ago I was on a tour in the suburbs west of the city. The foliage was beautiful, the farm stands picturesque. Turns out we didn't have to go on a foliage drive to catch the color.  It was only a matter of a week or two before we hit peak foliage in Cambridge. This year the displa...
I've always given directions to our real estate office by using restaurants as landmarks - we're across the street from Sarah's and next door to Armando's.  But the landmark that really rings a bell for people is the sign for Hi-Rise Bakery on Concord Ave.  It's hard to miss and we're right aroun...
Who knew you could get your daily inspiration from a taxi cab slogan?  This one is particularly appropriate for city drivers since traffic (and pedestrians, road construction, and other drivers!) can challenge your peace of mind - not to mention your schedule. Inspiration - I'll take it where I c...
Yesterday we had early snow - preceded by pouring rain.  But what a difference a day makes! It was a  beautiful blue sky autumn day.   Good thing too - I had a tour scheduled for the Back Bay in Boston this afternoon. It's a park-and-walk kind of place so bad weather would have nixed our tour.  I...
We had to wonder if the heavy rain this afternoon would keep buyers away from open houses.  Happily that wasn't so and attendance was good. I grumbled while setting up signs in the pouring rain but consoled myself that I wasn't on the Charles River where unfortunately it was Day Two of the Head o...
Every year I try to last as long as I can before turning on the heat. My old house is a bit shy on insulation and those big heating bills are nothing to look forward to.  I look forward to the "free heat" at the office or in my car.   We've had a beautiful fall but we're in for a chilly week. I'm...
Ok - maybe a wordy Wednesday. This is the view across the Charles River of the Boston skyline. East Cambridge has a number of luxury condo buildings along the river and I was in the neighborhood to take some photographs. What a view! That's one of the things I love best about all this blogging -...

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