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With multiple colleges and universities in New Haven County, CT to market for new business what are we waiting for. Local colleges and universities have hundreds of employee's in all fields working on their campus's. Large banks are offering discounts for services, so should we. Research your loc...
Interest rates are still low, properties are selling. Realtors help yur loan officers by referring clients to them who want to refinance. If someone calls you for a CMA and can't sell at this time share your lead.
Short sales are being used as comparable properties for the purpose of property valuations.This is hurting home values.
With rates at their lowest anyone who is still renting should look into purchasing their dream home. Inventory is still strong.
Does anyone have any information on this, will they pull credit with score or without? They want to see that no debt is going to be incurred since loan application.
Hi, Does it seem like appraisers are making comments so that the lenders will hire them to go back out to the property's for final inspections? Since HVCC came into place they aren't making the same amount of money. I have a deal where the appraiser noted that he didn't have access to the attic. ...
Numbers are showing positive for first part of 2010. Sales are up for the period Jan. 01, 2010 to April 30th 2010 and sale prices are also higher than the same period in 2009. Great news let's hope it continues.
As a mortgage broker lending in the State of CT. we are restricted to 5% of the loan amount as high cost. This 5% has to include all of our fees including yeild spread. I refused a loan of $87,000 because my company can earn a small amount to process and close this loan making it not worth it. Th...
Please write your local Senators to oppose amendment (SA.3962) part of the "Restoring American Financial Stability" bill which will limit the way that we get compensated. This amendment will severely limit a cusomers choice of how to best pay for their home by removing a choice of paying clsoing ...
There are people writing contracts who aren't licensed Realtors. They have their listings on MLS. and find property owners who are in trouble then offer to pay the homeowners mortgage until they sell the property. The so called listing Realtor signs the purchase and sales agreement as the seller ...

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