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Our Galveston Texas Real Estate blog will feature what you need to know about Galveston, Texas. Our blog also features post about Clear Lake City, Kemah, League City, Clear Lake Shores, Friendswood, etc. We serve almost all of Galveston County.
I found it very depressing to hear that Heath Ledger passed away yesterday.  To me he was a very bright and inspiring actor.  I feel deeply for his little girl and ex girlfriend Michelle Williams.  As a mom to a 3 year old and 5 year old I would be devastated.  I think this should just give us a ...
I just commented on a blog post by a fellow Activerainer.  Instead of commenting to continue the topic via his blog he decide to email me with his difference of opinion.The topic was his boasting of how great a current ARMS is.  Of course as a lender I understand his need to push this yet my stan...
I a sorry but reading the blogs this morning has got me onto one of my rants.  Maybe I am just the blondest, dumbest real estate/ home builder in the world.  You be the judge.I have read a ton of post this morning talking about the positive aspect of the rates dropping this morning. Do you not un...
My husband called me this morning after we both heard the bleak news regarding the economy.  Times may be getting tough for agents (as if they already are not for most of us).The news of the economy brought a spotlight to a legal case against a California agent.  Jump in with more details if you ...
My husband has turned me on to Matt Cutts.  Please visit . Trust me you will find his advice worthy of reading.  Very helpful guy.  SEO KING.  He works direct for goggle.I plan to TRY posting new daily tips each day.  Part of my new years resolution.  I get to educate myself anf...
If I hear this one more time I will scream.  Before you call me to sell some line of bull please review the fact that I a first page goggle.  Furthermore please find out the true search terms for my area.  I hate a sales pitch that is just ridiculous and unprepared.FURTHERMORE I DID IT ALL FOR FR...
Excuse me for being on of the people who takes part in the daily presidential race gossip.  It can be a daunting task at times but I crave the news.  It is becoming an addiction.  Pray for my sanity.My post is regarding the race of 2008 and the candidates relationship to the real estate industry....
  The secret is out.  We are in a recession and even if we were not the buzz has now become a self fulfilling prophecy.  Now that this word has been uttered we can certainly consider the recession underway. Regardless if it was only a possibility, it is now a reality.The OFFICIAL definition of re...
I have a rant that I need to get off my chest.  Before starting I want to profess my undying love for the city that I was raised in.  My family has had a business in Galveston for over 35 years.  My husband went to school at Teas A & M on the island.  He has been a fishing guide in Galveston.  He...
My husband brought up an interesting debate today while I was preparing the paperwork for my license renewal.  Effective January 1st, 2008 all Texas licenses must provide TREC with their fingerprints upon license renewals.  The fingerprints will be submitted in coalition with an FBI background ch...

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Blog featuring information regarding Galveston Texas Real estate, and all Galveston County Real Estate. This blog also features details regarding Clear Lake Texas Real Estate, Friendswood Texas Real Estate, League City Texas Real Estate, Dickinson Texas Real Estate, Texas City Real Estate, La Marque Real Estate.