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Here are some new articles on Reno, one from the Economist and the other from Esquire:
This is from an email from my friend BJ Perez of Monarch Mortgage:ok, you know its getting slow when the DirtyBird & Guapo are in the clients chairs pretending to be clients, and keep me company so I dont go nuts!   thought you'd get a kick out of this.  Dirtyman says he's fully trained now and c...
WELLS!had a well test done on a piece of vacant land last week that has no electricity to the property.  The well company asked me certain questions such as is there a pump and box.  Well, I knew the answers to his questions, and I even requested a piece of equipment to do the test.  Can you imag...
The sign smasher has written a note:Hi, Ken,To answer your question; No, I wasn't going to call and tell you that I had smashed your sign.  I was planning on straightening it, and replacing it in it's proper place, along with the post, that I also targeted.If I had noticed the sign was missing, I...
Yesterday I announced the Adopt-A-Sign-Program.  My wife on her way from home noticed one of my signs mangled in front of one of my listings.  I told her to bring it home.  I thought it was those teens again.  When the sign got home, I took it out for an investigation with the help of my neighbor...
I work in a rural property setting on the outskirts of Reno, NV.  I mostly sell horse property, country property and vacant land.  Our distance to the metro area is 30-45 minute drive, and most homes are on 10 acre parcels.  We often get "city" agents out here listing property at overpriced value...
THESE ARE BUYERS SWARMING OVER A NEW LISTING! No not really. So I was sitting on my porch last night (Sunday night) and watching my hummingbirds at the feeder on my front porch, felt more like a hornet's nest, and it reminded me of how the real estate market used to be.  Do you remember when you ...
BUYING A REO (Bank Real Estate Owned) PROPERTY CAN MAKE AN AGENT GO GREY! PART 2So we go ahead and write the new offer for a couple grand less than what Big Bank countered, figured it would be fun to mess with them.  This time they responded within 24 hours.....they must have liked that I was get...

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