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I am now a internet marketer / direct marketer / trainer / investor / coach. I have a BIC license, and just finished a Master's in Psychology. My aim is to help Real Estate Professionals all over the world capitalize on the power of the internet!
REAL ESTATE ENTREPREURS HELLO! Well, first of all if you havent watched my new baby please watch the video blog below as she is the cutest. I just wanted to hit on a couple key points today.  I wanted to tell you how great of a job you are doing and how proud I am to have you read my thoughts.  J...
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Well, I am writing this one today as we all know that this recession is hurting all of us.  I will tell you as a landlord of ten rental units we are hurting as well.  Renters think that landlords have all of the money in the world and that the landlord just takes this money and flies off to Aruba...
Well we are going through with it and here it is.  Wish us luck with the new brokerage!  Check out the logo and send us some new business.     Hope you like it, if not, keep it to yourself as this is it for now anyways.  Have a great Fathers day all of you real estate entrepreneurs.  I just order...
So this is a very important post to me and I wanted to go briefly over it with you.  Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to meet with some very important people and these meetings have been vital in my growth as an adult as well as a real estate entrepreneur.  At one time, I was g...
Well, here we go again Charleston Real Estate Investors.  This is the real estate entrepreneur, and I am going to give you just a short tidbit on a fun and easy way to save some money.  At my house we have an allowance account.  Just like you give your kids or you remember getting we put a bit of...
Here is a great topic ladies and gentlemen.  Are you ready to become more productive?  If you are like me than you sometimes have a problem with productivity.  Some people call it, "spinning your wheels", "moving fast and getting no where", or even "Im working as hard as I can and not making it h...
Good Morning Real Estate Entrepreneurs! I wanted to share just a few of the available properties that are ready to rent and sell in the Charleston Area.  We will periodically list these on the blog.  Please contact us if you or someone you know is interested in any of these.  They are all move-i...
Have you ever asked yourself this question?  As an entrepreneur, a real estate entrepreneur, I used to ask myself this question all of the time.  It wasnt until recently that I finally figured it out.  People have talked to me and given their points of view and countless of people have asked me. ...
Attention Charleston Real Estate Investors.  Here comes a real estate company designed for you.  As a real estate investor and a Realtor for the past few years I have just past the Realtor's Brokers exam and am now qualified to open my own brokerage.  As we all know that there is no price fixing ...

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