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I'm a firm believer that when you boast about a neighborhood the way I do about Charlotte's Historic Elizabeth, one must back it up with some sauce. And in our neck of the woods, that comes both deliciously and naturally.  It was my good fortune to share a recent morning with the adorable Nancy A...
Don’t you just love your ActiveRain community? We are SO MUCH more than simply an online group of real estate addicts… we really make a difference to each other in the business we refer and the tremendous educational venue we share with one another. What’s not to love?? is pleased to extend an in...
  Waiting around for something momentous to happen late at night in my historic neighborhood of Elizabeth… well, it could be awhile. But I’m a touch romantic that way, I admit. Yet somehow, I’m expecting it: Elizabeth is the perfect setting for love. Sitting alone in the dark on my front porch, I...
I’m not buying what you’re selling. Salesman hold no sway over my decision making process. I wipe the shine off every proposition and look directly into the soul of the offer. Or the Offerer, as the case may be. I have an advantage, you see. I’m hearing impaired. I tend to hear the soul and not t...
Have you ever read an advice column and thought, “What the hell?” Wishing you could jump in and add your clever 2 cents worth? Maybe you’ve worn through their same pair of shoes, or simply felt the advisor was full of crap.  Here’s your chance to chime in and add to the din. I’m launching a new c...
Which, in my book, makes you officially old. And it’s about time too, since I’ve been saving up nude photos of you to submit to AARP Magazine’s Annual swimsuit issue. Don’t get me wrong sweetie, I don’t mind that you’re losing your hair faster than your Hair Club membership can restore it, but we...
    I’ve lost some things. Not small things, mind you. Not so long ago, I entered that strange tunnel when everything that surrounded me was stripped away and I was left gaping like a cored apple. All my seeds were showing and the more unscrupulous f*#ks that circled around me plucked at those as...
I used to believe my life was a garden. My very own little plot of land to create in any way I wished. Season after season I could plant new ideas and bury wishes that would eventually spring into bold, vivid color. Luscious flowers would gently open before my eyes. Petal by delicate petal until ...
Somewhere, tucked between the pages of your day to day thoughts, you’ve hidden away the things that are most precious to you. Tiny translucent ghosts that if left unchecked, threaten to send you into flights of fancy with no itinerary. With no plan whatsoever. These are the hidden stars of your i...
… That you spend hours and hours of every day posting and commenting on political and social posts that have no potential for advancing my home buying or selling endeavor? … That you are sarcastic, contentious, an extremist, a know-it-all or just downright hateful? Because when I read your posts ...

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Never one to follow unspoken rules, you'll find more than just Real Estate lurking within these pages. I just love to write. Which comes as no surprise to those who've followed my Real Estate Blog over the past 9+ years. In many ways, my writing is nomadic and unorthodox. A meandering chronicle of my thoughts and observations inspired by my passion for living, and for all things Real Estate. I hope you'll find it fresh and imaginative ~ and informative too! A tiny glimpse of ideas and experiences on buying and selling real estate throughout beautiful Charlotte NC! ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ View Jennifer Monroe's profile on LinkedIn