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We're all getting more and more information on short sales.  For the public the media is talking about it, for realtors we are being slammed with companies that want to give us the "secret" to getting short sales done and money in your pocket! {said in my best used car salesman tone} The truth is...
Today has been a wonderful day for me.  I have a closing tomorrow for a hero.  This client has recently been home from Afganistan because he was hit with an RPG (rocket propelled grenade).  He is working and struggling to heal physically and mentally to return and be with his men.  This alone is...
So much of the time I put into my blogs is about business trends, lending practices, and what to do and not to do in Real Estate.  I have to tell you that yesterday I stumbled upon something that I can't help but share.   My son, Isaac, is 8 and has a huge heart.  He loves his family so much.  Y...
If you've been thinking you might be ready to sell, well...home sells are up!!!   Check out this link: http://money.cnn.com/2010/10/25/news/economy/existing_home_sales/index.htm Give me a call or visit my web page at http://www.nwafamilyrealestate.com 479-841-9699 cell
So much of our time is spent getting things ready!  If you're one of those that prepare constantly and never seem to get to the point of your work day, here are some helpful tips. 1. Make a list.  I know this sounds so elementary, but lists turn us all into task masters.  I have found that the be...
There is a wave of change in the way WE as Realtors work.  In my area (Northwest Arkansas) we definately have seen an importance of capturing leads for buyers.  When a market shifts as it did around 2007 from a seller's market to a buyer's market many agents shift with it.  A change from prospect...
  Did you know that there are more and more people purchasing investment properties?  I've have been talking to so many people who are considering moving their money into something that they have control over.  While there are risks in any type of investment, Real Estate has always been a strong ...