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I know that the most rewarding part of my job is when someone tells me that I have made a difference and that they want to "Refer" their friends, family or neighbors.  I have learned through the years by using this coaching program to ask for referrals in a way that is not like begging and it is ...
The best news for the housing market is that the Dow closed up WAY UP!!!!  Hopefully all those investors will make lots of money for a while and then just before it goes down again start to use their profits to buy up some of these cheap houses!!!!!!  Check out Rome, GA when you do decide to cash...
I have a self employed borrower that owns a dry cleaners, hotel, and gas station and a set of apartments.  Their cash flow is great , credit is perfect, 3 recent medical bills make the scores low (620) even though the bills are less than $250. They have been in business over 20 years.  I haven't ...
Do any of you guys have a resource for finding clients that have to conduct a 1031 tax exchange for land?  We have several opprotunites available for exchanging land.  I am going to ask some of the real estate attorneys around here and some of the other Realtors in our town if their clients need ...
Why is it that the overall public assume that Realtors are rich?  In the past 3 years I have attempted using builders to do major constrction projects, one for my office complete remodel and one for an out door kitchen at our house.  Each builder didn't finish the jobs b/c they are complaining th...
Today we are enjoying the Airshow out at Richard B. Russell Airport it is located about about 1/2 mile from where we live.  They have estimated that over 30,000 people will come out to see the show over today and tomorrow.  I have a terrible clold so we didn't get to stay long.  The re-enactment ...
Click here to see the marketing flyer for this gorgeous land! The owner will connect to the sewer  lift station and consider all offers and possible owner financing with 20% dow...
I know there is some 1031 Tax Exchange opprotunites out there!!!!  I know that some one has sold something that they need to exchange to keep from paying the dreaded T word!  TAXES!!!  UGH! Capital Gain Taxesd at that to top it off!  I have 310 gorgeous acres with sewer, water and electric in Flo...
Someone told me that by blogging you can get "google points".  This is something I know very little about.  I would like to know more.  Google points???  Does it mean that if you have alot of google points then when someone is on the net googling then perhaps your city or name will appear on the ...
I have a historic home now that I had rented to a man that promised he was going to buy it from me for over 3 years and he never did. I am the one that has to rehab it.  The paint on it and in it is several coats thick.  The next door neighbor gave me a tip about using  a h...

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