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I know this is not the kind of title that I would usually lead with but it is the best expression of exactly what I am feeling right now. Either by talking to agents myself, or hearing stories from my coaches, I get to hear story after story of what is working for certain Realtors and in many cas...
Have you ever seen two different agents that have signed up with the same company, went through the same training and are surrounded by the same office environment and yet one seems to always go so much further than the other. Why is this? Well, there is a simple answer which is that more clients...
Let me just start off by saying I know that you read this title and thought to yourself, "What?". That was really the point but the truth is that every one associated with real estate, and pretty much any other profession, needs a gardener. Let me explain... As many of you know I was formerly a f...
I must admit that one of the most surprising discoveries I have found has been the lack of confidence so many agents have. Any time a Realtor is considering our coaching programs, whether it be to sign up or just receive a free consultation, we have them fill out a coaching questionnaire that ask...
Hi Everyone, As the number of coaching clients has grown here at Jared James Enterprises (JJE) one of the best benefits is the amount of stories we get to hear from agents. Some are funny, like the one I just heard about the agent that had just received surgery but didn't want to cancel his meeti...
Hi Everyone! We are less than two days away from one of my favorite holidays. As many of you know I was raised by a single mother and saw firsthand just how difficult and rewarding the role of a mom can be. Make it a point this mothers day to not only thank the people in your life that deserve it...


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