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Growing up as a military dependent, I spent the first 10 years of my life celebrating Independence Day on foreign soil.  As a kid, I never recall calling it Independence Day.  To me, it was just the 4th of July.  It meant going to a barbecue, swimming at the pool, and watching fireworks light up ...
You read it right.  There's no typo here.  Credit Restoration for as low as $399!  One of the things about The Credit Repair Guys is that this company is about making some positive changes in the lives of people with out having them break the bank.  Normally, we charge $599 a retainer for our ser...
Years ago, when I was still in high school, I was part of a nationwide delegation that had the privilege to visit the nations Capitol and meet senators, representatives, and several other political and public figures of our country.  I toured the halls of congress, visited the great monuments ded...
Leukemia is a deadly disease, a cancer of the blood and/or bone marrow.  There are various forms of leukemia.  Some are incurable, but most are treatable with modern medicine.  As you can imagine, the hospital bills for the treatment can be horrendous.  Sadly, one of my friend's little brother ha...
For every company out there doing legal and ethical credit repair, there are numerous companies out there that are running illegal scams.  Every industry has sleazy and unethical practitioners but over the last decade, credit repair has been a major focus of many federal and state agencies and go...
I spent the first ten years of my life growing up around Seoul, Korea.  My father, a since retired US ARMY NCO, was stationed there until just before my 11th birthday.  Since this was infancy of cable, MTV had yet to make it's presence known in the Land of the Morning Calm or to any of our neighb...
Back in June of 2004, the US Public Interest Research Group conducted a survey in regards to the accuracy of the information contained in their credit reports. They asked adults in 30 states to order their credit reports and complete a survey. Here's what they concluded: Almost 8% were missing ma...
Hello everyone! I just wanted to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful moms and grandmothers here on ActiveRain!  Don't forget to let all the Mothers in your life know how special they are to you each and every day!   I pray that you enjoy your special day this weekend and may it be ...
I was speaking to a friend of mine that is trying to jumpstart his business.  He's run into some rough times and given the current state of the economy, I know that things are hard for a lot of people.  However, this friend of mine, complains that he never has any money, he can't pay his bills, a...
Hello my name is James Jeter.  Today is my one month anniversary here on Active Rain and I realized I've yet to formally introduce myself on Active Rain.  I was introduced to this forum by Nathan Scott, a true professional and asset to his colleagues and clients.   I've worked in the credit/finan...

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