Eric Hanson is currently a mortgage broker at Westwood Mortgage and is based out of Seattle, WA.Eric has completed 52 mortgages.Eric has completed 20 mortgages for veterans.Eric has completed 2 vacation home mortgages.Eric has completed 7 investment property mortgages.Eric has completed 5 FHA Loans.
Andrea Swetland is currently a real estate agent at WelcomeHomeSF. She has helped over 150 home owners buy a house and over 90 home owners sell a house. Andrea has helped 63 home buyers buy a single family home.Has helped 77 home buyers buy a condo.Has helped 93  home owners sell a home.
With everything that’s available to prospective home buyers looking for their dream homes and competitive mortgage rates, there isn’t a single go to place on the web to help them find the best professional. Yelp reviews and Linkedin resumes fall short in a number of areas, including: the inabilit...
Mike Carvajal currently works for Equity Prime Mortgage and is based in Manahawkin,NJ. He has completed 532 mortgages! Mortgages for Self-Employed Mike Carvajal has completed 60 mortgages for self-employed Self-employed home loan values ranged from $91,500 - $521,100 51 self-employed mortgages we...
Did you know that there are certain times of the year that are better to buy large appliances?  Of course, if your appliance goes out, you most likely need one right away, but should you have the option of waiting for a certain time of the year, it’s best if you know when that might be.Most peopl...
David currently works with Campbell Mortgage Brokers. He has completed 828 mortgages!  Mortgages for Self-Employed David Lawver has completed 46 mortgages for self-employed Self-employed home loan values ranged from $25,000 - $1,499,999 41 self-employed mortgages were for single family homes Mort...
Westwood Mortgage, based in Seattle,WA is now working with Inzopa to help get leads for its agents. Some of its top agents are:Tom Schwab - 381 mortgages completedSteve Daley- Completed 251 mortgages for single famiy homesGeorge Spano- 193 mortgages completedPatrick Dunn- 195 mortgages completedK...
 Inzopa uses deep data technology to make it possible for consumers to find the best local mortgage and real estate professionals based on who they are, where they are, what they have done, and how they are connected. Though a young startup, Inzopa has grown rapidly and established a presence acr...
David Lawver- San Jose, CA- 829 Mortgages CompletedKat Fiorentino- Sacramento,CA-Completed 399 Mortgages for single family homesCraig Barton- Redondo Beach,CA- Completed 228 refinance mortgagesChristopher Davis- San Francisco,CA- Completed 108 jumbo loansSergio Szyrko-Hayward,CA- Completed 100 FH...
Michelle Young has completed over 1300 mortgages in Texas! 264 investment property mortgages completed 20 FHA loans completed 3 mortgages for veterans 893 Home Loans completed 476 refinance mortgages for single family homes

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