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Bob's Blog is a continuing series of building technology half page or longer articles for Real Estate Professionals, as well as home buyers and home sellers. Information is presented from an experienced construction professional and residential inspector.
  "Every breath you take"...Is It A Red Flag?   No "Every breath you take" is the songs' refrain (POLICE/Sting). Every breath you expel does add humidity to your homes interior, but that's normal, no red flags for that.  But... Seeing a laundry drying rack like the one in the photo Is a big RED F...
Have You Got The 'New House plumbing Blues'? or What's wrong in this picture.?  A Plumbing Puzzler. Everything is clean and new and dry, no leaks. It's a new house, less than 2 years old, being sold by the builder owner. He (or his plumber) would get 3 out of 4 on this issue because of the 4 sink...
Out With My iPhone... Out with my iPhone,Snap went the shot,Whosh that's the email,Here's what I got. I needed an illustration for my report, but wasn't finding anything suitable. Not with my reports systems 1700 illustrations nor with my associations 80 albums full.You gotta love your iPhone cap...
Is Your House Sporting A Beret?   It's That Time Of Year. Keep Looking Up.      It is that time of year. Snow does build up on roofs. You even get snow drifts on roofs with windy conditions. You also get what I like to call snowbrows. Which may look like your roof is wearing a snow beret. The rig...
Click to Enlarge ImageChristmas Tree Fire Safety   A bit a knowledge and a dose of common sense will see you all safe through the holidays. Be Merry everyone!
Cabinetry 101, Carpentry 312 Cabinetry 101; If your woodworking skills are not up to fine millwork...just do this;Nail wooden boxes to the wall. The wrinkle now is to find wooden boxes like this not being sold as antiques. Carpenrtry 312: The diagonal wall brace seen here is a good example of a '...
Jack Frost Locked This Gate.   Has He Locked Yours Too? This is a metal latch on a gate post meant to hold the gate closed but be operable from two both sides. There were two of theses gates seen on a recent inspection. Both were in the same state. The posts had been heaved up by ground frost. No...
Absence of Body Or Alien Invasion? Scary? Yes! Is it a Halloween prop or a science fiction horror film of alien invasion? Is it arriving through a bend in space, And Materializing in front of your eyes?   Well.....No!  But this is very much an earth bound phenomenon, even though winged beings wit...
    A Case Of New Not Being Better ... A Stair Story  (This is # 3 in a series on a single flipped house.) The original exterior stairs of this flipped property had only 2 stringers, but they were bigger and longer, which allowed for a more generous tread width. The slots in the concrete pad (C) ...
  Has A Stately Tree Suddenly Become Firewood?  Has Sandy Rubbed You The Wrong Way? If you have storm damage what can you do?  Is your car under a tree or in some water?  What now? Many people may find themselves in this situation today. You need your car and you need the tree parts or other debr...

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Usually I'm presenting an aspect of home maintenance, value improvement or 'how too' instructions to feature best practice ways to do things around building and property issues. Some times it's building tech history or how thing came to be as they are, the back story on terms, expressions and phrases. I keep track of the strange, the unique, the special and interesting things I get to see, including the dangers. These are filed as OMGs. OMGs always have photos, so I share the file with you from time to time. The rest come out of thin air. More than once I start writing a comment on someone else's blog and end up inking a whole new blog. Am I inspired or am I ranting? You can decide.