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Jayson's Mesa Arizona Insurance Blog
I am so happy that my clients stick around with me. You can constantly shop your insurance policies but ultimately what is it worth knowing that your agent will be there for you to answer a call at 2am? When you were just rear ended? When you just caused a four car pile up? I see so many people s...
For 8 years now, i have been placing business cards in the credit card reader at the gas pump. I feel that the next person has to remove my card to put the credit or debit card in. One side of my business card is all business the other side is all party. In 8 years, i have created a relationship ...
 Over the skies of every major city this is happening. Do you know what it is? Realtors, do you see this with your clients?       I was at a Diamondbacks game the other night with my client and my assistant. My client mentioned the chemtrails in the sky. I had no idea what they were. She sent me ...
Ok, lets talk about guns. I live in AZ an open carry state. Do you realize that every prison is full. They let people out daily because of overcrowding. 25% of our population has a mental illness. In Az we have tent city because the jails are too crowded. Its also a great way to deter people from...

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