Create your RetreatA master bedroom is more than a room with a large bed. This space is a retreat—a place where you can escape from the activity of the household, enjoy peace and quiet, and even take control of the remote for a change.Does your master suite give you that sense of privacy and rela...
Who says living space is confined to the inside of a home? Today, we’re spreading out to enjoy more fresh air. Outdoor living spaces can be lavish, but they don’t need to be. Get creative with backyard living spaces you have. Here are some outdoor living ideas you can incorporate into a home of a...
When you move into a new home, you usually start by getting organized. When you were packing up your belongings, you probably purged a lot of items, just to lighten your load.Before long, you see signs that the clutter bug is back. Mail, magazines, and an assortment of papers are scattered on tab...
The simplest way to change a room starts with a can of paint. You can go from neutral to vibrant, or the other way around. Create an accent wall for a splash of color.Where do you start? How do you choose the paint color that suits you, your style and the room?We asked the creative team in the Id...
Style. Function. Hardware. Color.At Ideal Homes, kitchens continue to evolve from the functional space to a creative, inspiring one. Kitchen cabinets play a big role in the aesthetic transformation, because they account for a large amount of space. In 2017, we’re seeing some trends continue, like...

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