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Just finished watching "Flip This House" on A&E and it just reminds me of my own flip earlier this year.  It was my first flip and it was a great learning experience managing everything from start to finish, from buying to selling.  I learned to expect unforeseen problems and not to expect a smoo...
It's all a very humbling experience but every time these client's (very close friends now) come to Hawaii, I seem to learn and experience new things about the island I live on.  I've lived here on Oahu, Hawaii for the past 28 years, since I was 6 and have experienced and done a lot of different t...
Smokers beware....Hawaii just became the 14th state to become a smoke free state on November 16th at virtually all public places and workplaces.  Smoking now will be prohibited anywhere they serve food and drinks including restaurants, bars, lu'au parties and hotel lobbies.  Smoking is banned fro...
Did anyone see ABC News's Nightline last night about the current real estate market?  We all know what's going on in the real estate maket in our own backyard but when I saw the report last night on Nightline, it really woke me up and made me think twice about our market here.  I knew Hawaii's ma...
I just got back from the Trump Tower Waikiki selection on it's first day of a two day unit selection and they are practically sold out.  When I left the Halekulani Hotel at around 6:45pm this evening, there were about six units left for sale and those were in the $2.5 million range.  Unit selecti...
Growing up on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean, you are bound to cross paths with the same people, even with a population of just under a million people here.  If you've met enough people, you could very well run into a few of them on a daily basis at shopping malls to restaurants to ...
Realtors that are advertising online, have a website or have homepages on myspace, activerain or sites similar, will be at the forefront to make more sales than traditional Realtors.  Times are changing and we need to change and adapt to the changing times as well.   The internet is definitely ch...
This year has been a very different year here in Hawaii for real estate as well as for the weather.  While the real estate market set new records this year by leveling off or decreasing in price and sales, the weather is also making  it's own records this year.  It's been raining here a lot for t...
This year, I took a couple of months off from prospecting to get my Brokers license a few months ago.  I didn't want to prospect anymore because I had a few in escrow and didn't want to get more busy.  I wanted to concentrate on my studies.  Now I'm feeling it big time.  I feel like I completely ...

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